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    Guest Speaker - Woman Who Spotted Caylee in Atlanta, GA

    OMG...I'm on here!
    Hello everyone and thanks for the warm welcome.

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    I've been reading while waiting to get on here.
    Yes, our flight was from Orlando to Atlanta, we both had connecting flights.
    My family was going to Seattle Wa. and the lady told me she was going to North Carolina. So she was NOT on our connecting flight.
    This lady talked with me for about 15-30 minutes. She told me her flight did not get in until midnight to N.C. and I was surprised, because our flight into Seattle didn't get in until midnight either. so I had said to her,"my gosh, you could almost drive from here to there by then." then she replied, and I don't know what time I'll be getting home tonight.
    She had told me that she was originally from either NY or NJ, and that she now lived in either NY or NJ. (the millions plus times I've replayed that in my head, I still can't get which on was which...but definitly that.)

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    I can tell you the state, I won't release the town.
    IF, the person that has Caylee is on this sight...I would hate to think I caused her to move Caylee elsewhere. IF there is a killer out there (and I'm not talking about Caylee),I do not want them coming to my door.
    My info is out there, thanks to the OCSO and State Attorneys office and media who claims that when you call a tip into Crimeline everything remains confidential. YEAH RIGHT!!!!

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    ok..I didn't come on here to talk to myself...so ya'll ask away.

    I'll try to clear up some things released by the media ....
    1.) Caylee had on her blue clogs (Crocs) that are shown in her "swimsuit photo."
    2.) She also had a dollbaby (undressed..which is something that Cindy told me she never keeps clothes on that baby after I had told her.)
    3.) She had a book, very much like that on the video when reading at the nursing home while visiting her great grandfather, however, Cindy says that specific book has been accounted for.
    4.) God forgive me for not paying closer attention....a backpack. I do not know what the design was on it. When she boarded our plane, I had set the puppy I was carrying on under the seat in front of me in his flight bag, so I had sat down on my seatbelt...I lifted up and saw them coming onto our flight. Caylee was in front and was wearing the backpack in front of her, not on her back....the lady was behind her and there was no young male with them. (Something Cindy had asked me about.)

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    For 3 Girls: No...Caylee did not...HOWEVER, the lady told me, after I asked 3 times....let me put the conversation on here.

    Me: "What is your name?"
    Caylee: "CayleeMarieAntini." (as all in 1 word.)
    Me: "What was that?" ( I wasn't expecting that mouthfull.)
    Me:"Did you say Casey?" (I had gotten the Marie Anthony...but thought she had said Casey...as I do have a sister with a daughter named Casey.)
    Caylee: (poor baby for the 3rd time) "Cayleemarieantini."
    My son (Nick):"MOM!!! She said Caylee!" (he's 14 yrs.old)
    LADY with Caylee:"She's telling you her name is Caylee Marie Anthony and she calls me "Auntie" or "Auntie D."
    Me: to Caylee, "Wow...you are only the 2nd biggest girl I've ever met with that name." (meaning my husbands cousin has a daughter in NY named Kaylie....other than her, I had never heard that name before.)

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    The lady with Caylee was AMERICAN. As homegrown as you can get!
    She had shoulder length light strawberry blone/blonde hair.
    She had fair complexion. I did notice her legs were tan.
    AND...she was not overweight at all.
    Very lean, but not skinny.

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    Yes, Caylee did have on a hat.
    It was light pastel yellow with a "Pluto" on it. I don't remember her hair in the back...it seems it was probably tucked up under it.

    I mainly saw Caylee from the right side. (Her right side.) I know they say she has a birthmark on her left shoulder...but I did not see it.
    She had on yellow kids shirt...with a lil ruffle or trim just off the shoulders, blue jean shorts and her blue crocs.

    She stood about 6 inches away from my left arm. (I was sitting in a chair, which put me about eye level with her.)

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    Back to the hat....with the "Pluto" on it.

    When Caylee first approached us and wanted to pet our puppy, she said, "Doggie", (several times), I said, "You can pet the puppy...it's ok..he loves to be petted."
    The lady said to her, "Caylee, why don't you come over here and read this book to me?"
    Caylee was carrying a naked babydoll...( I chuckled and told my husband, I use to have a babydolll just like that...after I told my mother about all this....she said, "You never kept your clothes on your babydoll either." Thats why I guess the doll looked familiar to me. LOL!!!
    Caylee went back to the row of seats behind me where the lady was sitting and placed the babydoll on the chair...but then returned instead of staying reading the book to pet the puppy. She would pet it then look at me.
    So I asked her, since she had the Pluto on her hat..."Did you go to see Mickey Mouse?"
    "Naaaa" Caylee said.
    The woman than spoke up and said, "Oh no, she's from here, but we're going to ***** N.C. I'm taking her there...." Thats when she said she was from NY or NJ...and about not getting in until midnight into ***N.C. and then said, "and I don't know when i'll be getting home tonight."

    So she was obviously "transporting" Caylee to somewhere for someone.
    I do have to say...Caylee was in good hands. Almost as if she was "intentionally" placed with her. The lady wasn't carrying anything, yet Caylee had the bookbag, the book, the hat on and the babydoll.
    Does that sound like someone that has kidnapped a baby?

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    She said Caylee calls her "Auntie D" or "Auntie."
    Caylee was very comfortable with this lady and this lady seemed to be 40ish.
    BTW...I'm 45. (not for nothing, just want you ladies to know I'm not 20ish.)

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    I'm going to say...I haven't done any research on this Brandon guy. Whatever it was upset her apparently pretty good. (Have any of you read my speculation about the body? or murder at Jay B. Park on June 10th/11th?

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    You see, once I put 2 and 2 together that it was Caylee at the airport and that she was missing, after getting home from my 2 week vacation late on July 14th, it was either that Thursday or Friday that I caught only a glimpse of a lil girl missing. (I never watch tv.) I saw enough to think...oh my, that lil girl looks sooo familiar...I asked my husband, "Where have I seen that lil girl before?" I am normally a homebody.
    Over that weekend, it kept coming to me, and it was on Tuesday that I sat down and watched the bond hearing, that I heard the name.
    I immedately called my son out of his room and told him to look at the lil girl and asked him if he had seen her before...he said, "that's the little girl we saw at the airport." (as if I hadn't just noticed that myself.)
    I immediately began calling, but because the bond hearing had just let out...this was about 5:30 pm, no one answered the phones that were listed.
    I 1st phoned Crimeline...they kept saying,"Could you hold please." After about 10 mins. of this, I hung up and called Sgt. Allan, whose # was listed on the list at www.helpfindCaylee.com, on Sgt. Allans phone, I only received a voicemail...so I hung up. I was desperate to talk to someone!
    Then I called "Uncle Lee" phone number, again a message, but I left a message with him. THere was an email address...so I guickly typed him an email. Then I called Cindy. Again another message....but I also left a message with her. She called me back at 8:30pm that evening.
    When she did, I said to her, "Don't tell me anything....let me tell you 1st what I have seen, heard and said." She was quiet. I then told her everything.

    I assured her 1st thing in the morning I would call in to OCSO..which I did.

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    No dolllies name. Sorry!

    IF Caylee would not of told me her name....I would probably of never thought except that, prior to hearing her name on the news, I did think the photo of the lil girl looked very familiar and knew I had seen her somewhere.

    Airtran was the airline. Flt. 862 that departed on time from Orlando at 5:58pm.

    The photo of her in the bathing suit is the one that looked most like her to me. The one they use the most ...I wouldn't of known it was her...but Cindy has stated that she was getting ready for bed that evening when that "main" photo was taken...and that is not how she appears during the day.
    If you replaced the bathing suit, keep thehat and crocs...replace the b.s. with bluejean shorts and a yellow shirt...you got it!

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    MOST flights do have to go through Atlanta when leaving Fla.

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    LE and records...Bah Humbug!!! (sorry for the Scrooge.)

    Couldn't someone buy her a babydoll besides the one in the home?
    LE/media stated that she left without shoes...PLEASE!!!

    My son use to carry around a stuffed turtle...don't you think I didn'thave a backup. Can't tell you how many times he left it somewhere and I had to use the backup.
    While Casey had Caylee away for a couple weeks (from the Anthonys home) you don't think she had gotten her another one?

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    As for the ID needed for children on planes. We have thought possibly that the lady had her on as a "lapchild". They do not require tickets as far as I was told, but do need ID.
    Ask yourself....IF Caylee was kidnapped, why wouldn't they drive her in a car?
    Why fly her and take the chance of her being seen, which they did.
    Unless you have permission in writing from that parent to have her.
    My 1st husband passed away. Up until that time, everytime I flew with my son, because now I'm remarried and have a dif name than him, I had to have a note from my ex stating I had his permission to fly him out of state, and now, I have to travel with his death certificate.

    I asked the lady detective I spoke with that taped our recorded interview about this....her reply was, "Look, everyone that flies a child anywhere, whether with a ticket or not, has to have the name given so that IF that plane went down...they would need to identify everyone."
    So...I'm assuming this lady had Caseys permission to fly this baby in writing.

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