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    Poland to Impose Chemical Castration on Sex Offenders

    Poland to impose chemical castration on sex offenders after 'Polish Fritzl' incest case

    By Barry Wigmore
    25th September 2008

    Poland is to become the first country in the European Union to force convicted paedophiles to undergo chemical castration.

    Judges will get the power to order the procedure under a law being rushed through the country's parliament next month in the wake of an incest case that has horrified the nation.

    The 45-year-old man accused in that case has been dubbed the Polish Josef Fritzl - after the Austrian who locked up his daughter for 20 years and fathered a family with her.

    Polish policemen transport the 45-year-old man in Siedlce after arresting him on charges of repeatedly raping his daughter. The case sparked such fury in Poland that it resulted in the controversial castration law

    The legislation will make chemical castration a ' necessary medical procedure' if a sex criminal is thought to pose a risk to others.

    It will allow offenders to be held down while drugs that take away their sexual urges are administered.

    European civil liberties groups have condemned the move, saying it violates fundamental human rights.

    But Polish prime minister Donald Tusk soared in popularity in the opinion polls after he announced the proposal.

    He said: 'I don't think you can call such individuals - such creatures - human beings. 'Therefore, I don't think you can talk about human rights in such a case.'

    It emerged last month that Britain is to offer convicted paedophiles chemical castration to curb their urges, but only if offenders agree to it.

    Similar voluntary schemes have already been set up in Sweden, Denmark, Canada and eight states in the United States and are reported to have proved successful.

    In Poland, the health and justice ministries were last night working urgently on the draft legislation.

    Political commentators said it seems certain to be approved by parliament, where MPs are clearly in favour of punitive castration.

    The plan does not violate European law because, apart from a blanket ban on the death penalty, the EU's 27 member nations are responsible for their own criminal legislation.

    Polish citizens could challenge the move in the European Court of Human Rights, but there seemed little enthusiasm for that last night.

    Most Poles seemed to agree with their justice minister, Zbigniew Cwiakalski, when he said: 'Everyone talks about the rights of criminals, but what about the rights of the victims?

    'Where is the safety and health of our children? We have the right to use measures that will protect the public.'

    Supporters of the move stressed that chemical castration is not permanent like physical castration by surgery and can be reversed simply by stopping the medication.

    But experts who work with sex offenders warned that the sex drive-suppressing drugs are no guarantee that a paedophile will not strike again.


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    Good! While it is no guarantee, it could certainly stop some repeat offenders.

    I would rather see a permanent physical castration though. The chemical one is not permanent, and I can't imagine many offenders will agree to it, or even be available for reupping on the medication.

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    I am all for this. To bad they aren't ordering physical castration.

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    Does anyone remember the name of the man who had chemical castration and then murdered a little girl in his apartment building? It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever read.

    Kiva, thank you for this article.

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    I tend to agree with both of you on this one. ACLU will never let it happen though.

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    Years ago, I know of a man that was arrested for molesting my best friend's little sister. I was 14 at the time and it was all hush hush. I read in the paper the story it made headlines because the man had been castrated years previously for the same thing. I know he came from a different country I do not remember where, but he still had the urges to MOLEST. I do not know if chemicals would be able to change anything. I guess drugs can do almost anything.

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    Castrating, be it chemical or actual, can't be 100% relied upon to deter sexual criminals from committing more sexual crimes. From reading various crime cases I've come to the opinion that sexual desires that are on the criminal level tend to be from a psychological stand point, not a hormonal one... thus whatever castration takes away from the offender, they will just look to other ways of assaulting their victims.

    I am all for doing whatever possible to contain sexual offenders desires to harm, and castration may stop some... but not all, that do get castrated... it should not be relied upon as the main punishment for sex crimes.

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