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    CA - Woman beats brother after interrupting molest attack, police say

    Good for mom!!!!!


    11:43 PDT EAST PALO ALTO -- A woman beat up her brother after she caught him sexually assaulting her 2-year-old daughter in his East Palo Alto home, police said today.

    Joel Aguilar Guizar, 23, was allegedly attacking the child when his sister broke down a locked bedroom door about 1 p.m. Wednesday, said East Palo Alto police Detective Jeff Liu.

    The woman, whose name was not released, saw Guizar pulling up his pants, grew enraged and "beat the crap out of him," Liu said.

    Police were called to investigate reports of a domestic battery in progress. When they arrived, officers heard the sound of fighting inside the home. They went in and saw "two women visibly upset and clutching their children," Liu said.

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    Good for her! It is good to hear about a real mom for a change. I hope the bastard is put away for a long time.

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    good for her!!!
    if only ALL mothers were like her!

    For Travis Alexander!!
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    Good for her, she just gave him a taste of what prison is gonna be like for him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by proudmomma View Post
    good for her!!!
    if only ALL mothers were like her!
    Congrats to mom....I was molested at age 4 by a much older cousin....my grandma, although I came out of the room naked "waking him up" noticed nothing...I had on a so called sun-suit, it tied over both shoulders...both ties were undone...granny "never" noticed.
    Anyway I AM so glad to see someone, anyone do something to help their "molested" child....it warms my heart SO much.

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    Id be honored to hold his arms while she beats him some more.

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    Good for that mother and shame on that gramma that did nothing

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    now that is a legitimate response.
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    Way to go Momma!!!! Too bad you didn't have a baseball bat handy..and a pair of pliers.

    Where's Filly..she's gonna love this.

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