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    Rose Cole

    Another fantastic cold case here on WS.


    Websleuthers have been working on the Mystery of Rose Cole for some time.

    Check it out!


    Rose Lena Cole was born December 23, 1956 in Flint,MI. Rose was the second of 3 children. Her parents, Jesse Cole Sr. and Willie Mae eventually divorced while the children were still very young and Jesse Sr., having some status in the community, was awarded custody of the children. The eldest was Jesse Jr., Rose was the middle child, and her younger brother was Pose. Jesse Sr. later remarried a woman named Opal who had three children of her own, Billy, Brenda, and Norma, whom he adopted Jesse was not an easy man to live with, both as a husband and a father and, though the siblings were never close, Billy was looked up to as the "protector" of the family. Not much is known about just what went on behind closed doors, but Jesse was considered abusive. When Rose was 14, she began experimenting with alcohol and perhaps other drugs. April 1, 1971, she ran away from home but was found by authorities the following day and released to her stepmother, Opal. Rose was given a court date and, on April 21, she was assigned a parole officer. When Rose continued to get into trouble, she returned to court in 1972 on charges of running away and though she was not brought in on charges for drugs, it is said she told the Judge she would quit doing drugs, but she wouldn't quit selling them. No one is really sure if she was serious, if she was trying to be kept from being sent back home, or if she was just being a smart mouth, but the Judge ordered Rose, who had always been described as a shy child, to be sent to Synanon Foundation in Oakland, CA, over 2,300 miles away Synanon is often referred to as a "Cult" or "Sect" that was founded in 1958 by Charles E. Dederich, a recovering alcoholic, for the purpose of rehabilitating alcoholics, drug addicts, and criminals. It started out as a small group of men who met while attending AA meetings. They began their own meetings, and eventually grew into an alternative community which received national recognition with their first facility being opened in Santa Monica. Facilities began sprouting up across the country and people would go there of their own free will or be sent there by the courts. Rose Lena Cole arrived at the Synanon facility located in Oakland, CA. sometime prior to November 1972. Rose wrote letters home to her step-mom and talked of how much she missed her family,loved them and most of all wanted to come home. She spoke of running away from Synanon but said that she returned. Then the last letter was received from Rose. It was written on her 16th birthday, December 23, 1972 but was not mailed until February 1973. Rose said that she had runaway from Synanon again and talked of living on the streets in China Town. She said that she was sick, a kidney infection. It is unknown if she ever got medical treatment. Rose Lena Cole was never heard from again. Rose said in her last letter that she was not going to write home again because she was afraid that the people from Synanon would find her and take her back. She did say that when she turned 18 she would find her step-mom no matter where she was. Rose has never been seen or heard from again. Takes to Pias for some exerpts that I used in this summary. Her site can be foound here http://hot-on-the-trail-at.blog-city.com/the_mystery_of_rose_cole.htm

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    i have read on that case .. id love to see more about it or if there are any updates at all ? it would be so wonderful if she was alive .

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