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    Arrow Caylee Case Calendar and Linear Timeline


    Andoid was sweet enough to set up a "Caylee Anthony Case" Calendar (everyone bow to him!). It's unmoderated, so please be nice!

    The calendar can be found at:
    Once you're there, simply go to the appropriate month, and select add new event => ranged event

    The above menu item is located in the upper right hand corner of the calendar. The reason I am suggesting ranged event is bc you can include a from->to time frame. One other thing, I would suggest that if you post an event, note the interview it came from and the inerview page and line number, as well as the pdf doc page number. That will make it easier to reference down the road.

    Anyway, hope this helps wrt to better understanding the events surrounding Caylee's disappearance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MADJGNLAW View Post
    I added some information for June 15, July15 and July 16. Link for information.
    did you add it to the case calendar? The linear timeline is reference that has not been updated.

    PLease add all information to the Case Calendar. Thank you!

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    If there is anything timeline relevant..please add to the calendar. Thanks everyone for their hard work.

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    I don't know if anyone will find this helpful, but this is a timeline I've worked on in a different format on and off over the past few months for the sole purpose of thinking about each point. Didn't really make it as a tool for anyone, but more as an exercise in stepping through the data we have - to see if something clicked in my head. It's been helpful to me and I thought I'd just share it as another form of a timeline/calendar.
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