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    UT Unsolved/Cold Cases

    Post LINKS to websites that list Utah cold cases here.
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    Princess Blue
    Located September 10, 1990 in Manvel, Texas

    Could Princess Blue be identified soon Princess Blue? Follow us at the link below
    Princess Blue Forum to find out.

    Kimberly Shawn Cheatham
    Missing from Dallas, Texas since April 8, 1989

    Where is Kimberly Shawn Cheatham?


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    Utah Cold Case Files
    The Utah Technical Assistance Program (UTAP) features "Unsolved, Missing Persons, and Unidentified Cases" to assist law enforcement agencies in the development of information which can lead to the identification and arrest of any person(s) who may have committed any crime described on this page. If you have information on any of the persons, or cases found on this page, you are encouraged to submit a tip, which will be delivered to the lead investigating agency. All tips may be submitted anonymously.
    It is the sincerest hope of all those involved in the UTAP efforts that the necessary tips and information can be provided to the agencies investigating these "cold cases" such that they may resolve their own investigations and provide some justice and closure to these tragedies.

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