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    FL - Manager seriously wounded in Crispers robbery, Bradenton

    Please keep Alyssa and her family in your thoughts, this doesn't look good at all.

    Police: Crispers manager was shot
    By ROBERT NAPPER - rnapper@bradenton.com
    BRADENTON - Police said Monday a manager at a local Crispers restaurant was shot during an apparent robbery.

    At 9:25 a.m., Sunday, Bradenton Police responded to Crispers Fresh Salads and Such, in the 6400 block of Cortez Road, to find Alyssa Whitson, 39, shot.

    Detectives believe Whitson was robbed after arriving to open the business. Bradenton Police Chief Michael Radzilowski said Whitson was unconscious when officers found her in the restaurant, and she and has never regained consciousness to talk to investigators.
    Click here to find out more!

    Emergency workers flew Whitson to an area hospital where she continued to fight for her life Monday evening, a family member said from the hospital.

    Police did not release any details on the circumstances of the shooting as detectives tracked leads throughout the day.
    Bradenton Herald.com

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    arrest made

    Former co-worker Stephen Grant, a 59-year-old ex-policeman, was arrested Monday and charged with attempted murder and armed robbery with a firearm.

    Grant is now in the Manatee County jail on $1.2 million bond, according to the Bradenton Police Department. Grant was arrested at home in the 700 block of 51st Street East.

    Police believe the shooting happened during the course of a robbery. Officers reportedly found an open safe in the manager's office with daily bank deposit and opening cash missing.

    Grant quit Crispers July 26. Crispers employees told police Grant knew all business opening procedures as a former assistant manager.

    Whitson has never regained consciousness to talk to investigators.

    "The doctor said it's the worst-case scenario," Baldelli said. "The bullet entered her head and exploded everywhere."

    Baldelli said police told her the suspect was found in possession of evidence.

    "He had her purse in his apartment," she said.

    Police also reportedly found a garbage bag near Grant's apartment with a handgun, hammer and clothing soaked with blood. Detectives also found mail, a bank statement and direct deposit slip with Grant's name on them.

    The Publix-owned restaurant was closed Monday, according to spokeswoman Maria Brous. Employees have sought counseling from the company after the shooting. It reopened Tuesday.

    Anyone with information about this incident can call the Bradenton Police Department at 932-9300 or Crimestoppers at 866-634-8477. Charlotte Sun Herald

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    mother on vigil for wounded best friend

    Oct 01, 2008 (The Bradenton Herald - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- CROX
    With her only child and "best friend" unconscious and on life support, Kathy Blumfield is by her daughter's side around the clock praying she will somehow recover from devastating injuries.

    Alyssa Whitson, 39, is fighting to survive gunshot wounds to the neck and head suffered during an apparent robbery at the place where her mother said she loved to work.

    Police say the Crispers Fresh Salads and Such assistant manager was shot by a man she used to work with at the restaurant, in the 6400 block of Cortez Road.

    Stephen Paul Grant, 59, of Bradenton, has been arrested on charges of attempted murder and robbery.

    "She is not only my daughter, but she is my best friend," said Blumfield, 60, from an area hospital. "I had her when I was quite young, so we pretty much grew up together."

    Born in Minnesota, Whitson grew up in Dallas before moving to Sarasota four years after her mother and stepfather, Doug, relocated to North Port.

    Mother and daughter were drawn to the beach and sunshine, and love to shop together, mostly for nautical "knick, knacks" that are more character than cost.

    "We call it knick,-knacking," Blumfield said. "She means everything to me. She is warm and bubbly and so many people love her."

    As family, including her father, Scott Blasing, who flew in from Texas, surrounded Whitson, police continued to investigate what happened at Crispers on Sunday morning.

    At about 8 a.m., employees arrived at Crispers and began to feel uneasy. The front door of the store was unlocked and a rear door open. Whitson's car was in the parking lot, but there was no sign of Whitson.

    Bradenton Police were called to the restaurant just before 9:30 a.m., and found a manager's office door locked, according to police reports.

    Other Crispers managers came to the store and unlocked the office to find an open safe with trays pulled out and money missing. Officers then turned to a closet in the office, also locked.

    Inside, they found Whitson unconscious, bleeding from gunshot wounds to the head and neck. Her purse was missing, as well as one of her Crocs shoes. Officers also found two spent bullet casings.

    She has been unconscious since, according to police reports.

    Investigation then revealed a daily bank deposit and daily opening cash were also missing from the office.

    Investigators later located a garbage bag filled with blood-soaked items in a Dumpster, in the 5000 block of State Road 64, less than a mile from Grant's apartment in the 700 block of 51st Street East. Detectives did not say what led them to the Dumpster.

    In the garbage bag, detectives found a gun, hammer and clothing all soaked with blood.

    The bag also held a Crocs shoe, Whitson's purse holding her cell phone, the Crispers deposit bag, as well as personal mail and a bank statement addressed to Grant, according to police reports.

    Investigators found Grant had quit working as an assistant manager at Crispers on July 26. A Crispers employee told detectives that Grant "would be familiar with the opening/closing practices of the business," a report states.

    Police told a judge Grant's mail, his past with Crispers and the Dumpster being so close to his apartment gave them enough for an arrest.

    A judge agreed Monday evening, and just before midnight police arrested Grant. He was being held in the Manatee County jail on $1.2 million bond.

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    May the Lord help her survive and also comfort her family, in Jesus' Holy Name, amen!

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    Picture of possible perp and restaurant....

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    aw man another one .. im praying for the family and lady that was shot .. how very sad

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    Praying for Alyssa and her mom.

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    A poster in the comments section of the Bradenton Herald article wrote that Alyssa is responding to vocal commands and has moved her fingers. I don't know how this person knows this, just reporting what I read.

    I want to know about this suspect's background. I have searched under several combinations of his name, added "New Jersey", "officer", "police", etc. with no luck.

    Anyone else want to give it a try?

    *Stephen Paul Grant
    *59 yrs. old
    *claims to have been a cop for 8 yrs. in New Jersey
    *quit job at Crispers in July to start a business
    *other employees claim he displayed stalker-like


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    Praying for Alyssa and her family.
    Please excuse me if I have replied to a post and can no longer find that thread. WS is wonderful all around and I don't want anyone to think I am being rude.. I forget what thread I post on at times.

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    FL - Crispers suspect a former police officer


    Police reports say officers found Whitson shot in the neck and back after they opened a locked closet in a manager's office in Crispers, in the 6400 block of Cortez Road West.
    They found an open safe in the office, and a deposit bag and cash missing from the business.
    Detectives later found a garbage bag in a Dumpster less than mile from Grant's apartment that had the deposit bag and Whitson's purse in it.
    The bag also had a gun, clothes and hammer soaked with blood, as well as personal mail addressed to Grant.

    ...During a search of Grant's apartment, detectives seized a .22-caliber gun cleaning kit and holster, a cell phone, hair clippings and a computer.
    Police also found several Crispers documents, books and manuals, according to the court records.



    There is a prayer thread for Alyssa, the employee he tried to execute. She is in critical condition, her head too full of bullet and bone fragments to operate.

    Stephen Paul Grant had recently left his job at Crispers, where he was known to hang around even on his "off" hours, to the annoyance of fellow employees. He robbed the assistant manager when she arrived alone for work one morning. He apparently did not try to conceal his identity for the security camera, took bookoo evidence back to his apartment, and did not attempt to flee.

    My question here is; why did he go peacefully when they came to arrest him? Given the fact that he was a former cop, his actions up until this point indicate a guy who has decided to go out with a big bang. Suicide by cop is the death method of choice for cops gone nutty. He practically left a trail of crumbs leading to his door.

    And this bit about Bradenton LE not saying which New Jersey agency Grant used to work for is pointless. There are public records somewhere with his name on it.
    So far, I have had no luck finding him on the 'net. Help, anyone?


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    Someone in the comment section posted some info but did not provide a link. He says his wife is the victims best friend.

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    I tried finding info too- But only found more horror stories- I dont think it is the same stephen grant, but made me totally sick to my stomach. This poor woman and her family.
    Man confesses to killing, dismembering his wife

    Shortly after reporting his wife missing last month, Stephen Grant went before TV cameras, crying, begging her to come home.
    FIND MORE STORIES IN: Puerto Rico | Gannett | Lake Michigan | Macomb County | Lower Peninsula | Grants | Stephen Grant | Tara Grant | Detroit He

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    Quote Originally Posted by TGIRecovered View Post
    A poster in the comments section of the Bradenton Herald article wrote that Alyssa is responding to vocal commands and has moved her fingers. I don't know how this person knows this, just reporting what I read.

    I want to know about this suspect's background. I have searched under several combinations of his name, added "New Jersey", "officer", "police", etc. with no luck.

    Anyone else want to give it a try?

    *Stephen Paul Grant
    *59 yrs. old
    *claims to have been a cop for 8 yrs. in New Jersey
    *quit job at Crispers in July to start a business
    *other employees claim he displayed stalker-like


    Tampaslice wrote on 09/30/2008 08:41:50 AM:
    My wife and the victim Alyssa are great friends, my wife has been a basketcase since Sunday morning. The monster that shot her had just quit Crispers a few months ago to open a Home Repair Business. He's an Ex-Cop!!!! He was just in the store last week acting like the wacko he was. He has serious mental issues and he's lucky we didn't find him before the Bradenton cops! Bank surveillance camera the big hero!!! Check out the monsters mugshot, he's smirking!

    Some good news from this guy also
    http://tiny.cc/PJxU3 Tampaslice wrote on 10/01/2008 08:19:03 AM:
    Miss Whitson has been moving her fingers on command, opens her eyes on command. Bigtime positive signs! She's going to pull through, she has so many people that Love her and are praying for her.

    Tampaslice wrote on 10/01/2008 07:58:07 AM:
    They failed to mention Steve Grant is an ex-police officer. He was not liked by employees at Crispers, he would stalk employees at the store, show up on his days off and linger around the store. Typical bradenton piece of trash! He quit Crispers in July to open his own business. Guess he wasn't doing too well. He's a coward punk! He's lucky the cops went and got him when they did because there's a bunch of ticked off people that would like to shoot him execution-style. He's a worthless coward.

    If you go to bradenton.com and see the stories on the right, click commented you will see all the past news stories with his comments. There was also a woman who is a friend of Alyssa posting. I've also tried to find out about this guy and nothing comes up.

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    Thanks for trying. You are right, it is a different murdering husband.

    If this guy was a cop for eight years, his name should be in many court documents and news articles from New Jersey. Strange.


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