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    IN - Savannah Fullgraf, 17 mos, beaten to death, Hammond, 4 Oct 2008

    Little 17 month old Savanah Fullgraf was pronounced dead from her injuries inflicted by her mom's live-in boyfriend, Jose Mendoza.

    Apparently Mendoza was watching the baby on Saturday evening when the injuries occured. So far there's not a whole lot of information on this case. How sad. A precious little 17 month old baby doll.


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    Another baby dead at the hands of mom's boyfriend. When will these single moms get it that they shouldn't leave their babies with a boyfriend? What is it going to take? I wonder if this mom was at work? I also wonder if he ever got rough with the little girl when mom was around or if he ever abused her in front of the mom? I suppose she got on his nerves when he had her alone.
    This happens way to often. It might save money to have a boyfriend babysit when you have to run an errand or go to work but the price that you might have to pay is way to high...pay a babysitter.

    I hope this guy gets a long prison sentence. The mom willl have to live with her guilt for the rest of her life. That is a prison sentence for some people.

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    The problem is the men these women are choosing. Some women want a man so bad that they settle for anyone. Wake up people! How many kids have to suffer and die like this before these moms start to make better choices?

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    From December 2010:


    A 30-year-old Hammond man was sentenced Tuesday to 45 years in prison for the death of toddler left in his care in 2008...

    Mendoza agreed to the 45-year sentence when he pleaded guilty in November to the neglect charge, a Class A felony, just days before he was to go to trial...

    An autopsy revealed bruises on both sides of the head, ears and eyelids, left eyebrow, both sides of the face, back of the head, chin, chest, both arms, right shoulder, left thigh and knee, and both legs. The autopsy also revealed a burn on the right hand, tearing of the anal wall and hemorrhages to the head and body.

    Lake Criminal Court Judge Diane Boswell on Wednesday sentenced the mother of a toddler beaten to death by her boyfriend to eight years in prison for neglect.

    Beginning Sept. 1, 2008, Jaime Erickson, 25, had routinely left the child, 17-month-old Savannah Fullgraf, with her boyfriend, Jose A. Mendoza, 30, while she worked as many as 60 hours a week in fast food restaurants to support herself, the child and Mendoza.

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