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    Exclamation A noxious plant injures several children

    A backyard "weed" has injured several children in Colorado Springs. It is commonly found in backyards all over, but has been condemned in the state as a "noxious" plant. It is called Myrtle Spurge.

    The kids were just playing "Pilgrim", and a milky white substance from the plant which left them with severe burns to their faces Thank GOD it wasn't more serious... I couldn't imagine if they had ingested the liquid, which is poisonous!



    More on Myrtle Spurge: http://www.vaildaily.com/article/200...rentprofile=-1

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    Yikes! Thank goodness they are publicizing this so others will know and share with their children.

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    those poor kids.
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    I got similar blisters as a child from the sap from Queen Anne's lace.

    Poor little ones.

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    Ouch! I hope parents will be on the lookout for this plant in their yards.

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