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    FL - Patricia Kaliszeski, 58, murdered in her Palm Bay home, 26 Sept 2008


    All for $6 to buy beer. I hope he never sees the light of day again.

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    This poor lady. Poor, poor woman. The randomness of such a horrific crime is beyond words.

    That is unless Alan boy is full fo crapolla and calling himself the psychotic killer will help in his defense?

    Here's his Myspace and it's private, but whoever the girl kissing him is I hope she's safe. Prayers for this poor lady. I wonder if the cafeteria she worked in is at his high school? He said he had seen her in the neighborhood and targeted her. Why? Hoping he's some big guy's honey tonight while he's locked up.


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    That is one sick kid.

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    Glad they're looking into other cases to see if he could've been involved in other crimes. I'm also glad they caught him so young and I hope that he's put away for life. I don't believe someone like that can be rehabilitated.

    Prayers for the victim and her friends and family.
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    From May 2011:


    A Brevard County jury found a Palm Bay man guilty of murdering his neighbor...

    However, there was little if any emotion from Tanguay, who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole...

    "He stabbed his victim 37 times. We know that 36 of them, the victim was still alive and the final wound was when he took the knife from ear to ear," assistant state attorney Tom Brown said.

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