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    Tailor's bird has customers in stitches

    Check out the pics with this article! LOL


    A brainy cockatiel has learnt to sew after watching his owner working in a tailor's shop.

    The nine-year-old bird called Baggio learnt how to stitch by copying Jack Territo.
    The pet can now pick up a pin and thread it through the material with his beak.

    Mr Territo, 60, who runs a tailor's shop in Park Street, Bristol, said: "I've never heard of a bird that can stitch but Baggio has a great sewing action.

    "He has become a real hit with our customers."

    Baggio is to appear on a new BBC1 talent show, Test Your Pet, next week.

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    If that picture of the seam is one he sewed, he does better than me!

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