PITTSBURGH -- Donald Preik was charged Friday with taking more than 100 photos of women in sexual positions. Now, he faces charges involving seven victims.

A judge ordered Preik to stand trial for more than 50 sexual assault and related charges.

Defense attorney Erika Kreisman said, "He never dreamed that anything like this would happen. He's in a state of shock."

But, Preik admitted to police he drugged his live-in girlfriend, her 67-year-old mother and four of their female relatives.

"They're resting their whole case on my client's confession and the pictures," Kreisman said.

Two video tapes and more than 100 sexually explicit pictures were entered into evidence against Preik.

Some of those pictures included the words: "slut, sex and slave" written on the bodies of Preik's alleged victims.

Victims' attorney John Doherty said, "My clients are victims in this case. They've asked me to assist them. I'm here to observe and just follow the facts."

But Preik's defense attorney disputes the facts of the case saying her client, who confessed to police under fear and stress, isn't capable of what' he's accused.

"This is a working man; salt of the earth. Everyone who knows him is completely shocked by this. His whole family is completely shocked. This is totally out of character for him to be accused of anything like this," Kreisman said.