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    Quote Originally Posted by christine2448 View Post
    Fantastic SieSie. And thanks for setting up thread in MySpace area on LTWH. I will sticky that. Hopefully more will come and ad their bulletins/posters!
    YW, and I hope others will make and add their bulletins/posters, also. The more, the better!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SieSie View Post
    Please help spread the word through email, MySpace, Facebook, Craigslist, etc...

    Copy and save the image below:


    Copy/paste the code below if you want to send it in a MySpace Bulletin:
    <img src=""">
    Ty for the graphic I will use it to blog about him on blogspot.

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    I have blogged about him using your graphic. Here is that blog.

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    Hello, everyone, I copied and pasted the graphic into my facebook account. I didn't even know how to copy and paste, I had to Google how to do it (yes, I do know how to Google). I actually got a response already, someone thought the Carolines might be from AA or NA since they used only their first names and last initials. I know he is young to be involved with AA or NA, but, stranger things have happened. In a way, it makes sense, if the Carolines were teenagers, they would probably be more likely to call themselves "The 2 Carolines" or Caroline 1 and Caroline 2, you know what I mean, cutesy kinds of names. Oh well, I'll see if I get any other kind of response...You guys are fantastic!....Maureen

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    About that "star" tattoo......

    Are we all agreed that the tattoo is a star? Could it be a badly drawn "Star Trek" badge symbol instead? The Star Trek symbol is very similar. Could it be the initials A.V.- with the V superimposed over the A? I think most of the posters on WS agree that it is a homemade tattoo and not professional. It's not that hard to make a homemade tattoo using a needle and ink from a ballpoint pen. Time-consuming, yes, but not difficult. I apologize if I am way off base, but since the "official" descriptions of Jasons height and weight seem to be leading nowhere, maybe thinking outside the box can help identify him.
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    I think the tattoo looks like a heart with a triangle superimposed on it.

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