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    FL - Amy Gellert, 21, Brevard County, 20 March 1994


    "Fourteen years ago, on a Sunday evening in March, a masked intruder wielding a dagger and a handgun surprised Lehton and husband Bob in their family room. The man stabbed them and killed her 21-year-old daughter, Amy Gellert, who arrived home a few minutes later."

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    Bunny Lehton anguishes over every second of those terrible 25 minutes when her daughter's life was violently snatched away more than two decades ago... Gellert managed to run from the house clutching her neck where she had been stabbed. She tried to get help before succumbing to her injuries.

    Amy was only 21 years old when she was murdered on March 20, 1994. She would have turned 42 years old this Sunday. Her killer was never caught...

    Most of this last year has been difficult on all of them as the family cooperated with producers from the CBS television show "48 Hours," which is airing a segment next week on the cold case murder. "That has certainly brought a lot of that stuff back up to the forefront," Bunny said.

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    "I see the man step into the room. And he's completely disguised," Bunny Lehton told Moriarty. "And then I saw that he had -- a dagger and a gun."

    The couple was forced by the intruder to crawl on their hands and knees from the kitchen to the living room. While they lay on the floor, the Lehtons say, the intruder began pacing. "I sensed, and Bob sensed, that he was waiting for a ride," said Bunny Lehton...

    "And I saw the lights coming down the driveway," Bunny Lehton continued, "He panicked... something switched in him and he just lost it." Startled by the headlights outside, the intruder began brutally stabbing the couple.

    Here's what investigators do know based on information provided by Gellert's mother and step-father, Bunny and Bob Lehton, who were held captive and attacked by the intruder:

    The stranger was dressed all in black except for white tennis shoes.
    According to the Lehton's was average height and weight, and they guessed he was in his 20s.
    The Lehtons couldn't get a good look at the intruder because he was wearing a ski mask and gloves -- an oddity and difficult items to obtain in a beach town.
    The man was Caucasian, and Bunny Lehton is convinced he had an accent similar to what is heard in Maryland or Pennsylvania.

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    CBS' "48 Hours: Cold Case" wanted to bolster viewers' tips about a 1994 slaying in Brevard County. The telecast succeeded.

    After the telecast, authorities received more than 100 calls and emails about the killing of Amy Gellert, said Maj. Tod Goodyear of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office...

    "The story has generated a lot of interest in this case. Much of it is in reference to the knife and or gun, however there has been some new information received that was not provided previously," Goodyear told "48 Hours."

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    Thanks for posting this, OkieGranny! I watched the episode on her case the other night and meant to come check out her WS thread, but it kept slipping my mind until you bumped her thread with this. Thanks again.
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    Torres: '48 Hours' brings in tips in Cocoa Beach cold case
    John A. Torres, FLORIDA TODAY 11:19 p.m. EDT March 25, 2015

    "The story did what we wanted it to do. It has generated a lot of interest in this case. Much of it is in reference to the knife and or gun, however there has been some new information received that was not provided previously," said Major Tod Goodyear with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. "We are very appreciative of the response from the viewers and hopeful that this cooperative effort may lead to bringing a successful conclusion to this case and closure for the family."

    Goodyear said investigators were pleasantly surprised that the overwhelming majority of tips were people trying to be helpful and only a very small number were "crackpots talking about things like laser beams."

    "It's going to take some time to go through all these leads," he said. "But that's OK. We will run all of it down."

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