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    Judge admits to beating, sexually abusing teens

    In a courtroom in Prince George on Monday morning, David William Ramsay pleaded guilty to a total of five charges.

    Five other charges against him were stayed.

    The charges date back to a nine-year period when Ramsay was a provincial court judge.

    The balding, grey-haired former judge stood in the prisoner's box and pleaded guilty to the five charges, including buying sex from minors, sexual assault causing bodily harm and breach of trust.

    Ramsay never looked at his victims, four young women who hugged friends and social workers as court adjourned. The victims, who were aged 12 to 16 years when they were assaulted, had all appeared before Ramsay in court in Prince George.

    He knew their previous histories of being sexually abused, about their suicidal thoughts and their lives on the street. As the Crown prosecutor pointed out, Ramsay knew how vulnerable these girls were.


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    What a scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!

    These girls where aged 12-16 and the prosecutor is only asking for a five-year prison term for this scumbag sheeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just my worth. Some days/posts thats real value, on others, I might need to give back change! IMO

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    shocked they only ask for 5 years!!!!!!
    he deserves LIFE!