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    TX-Orange socks - 33uftx

    I just set this page up recently, but have not had a chance to post all the vital info yet. I've been crazy busy this semester with school, but eventually I would love to consolidate anything I can find about this woman in one place. If anyone knows of any other women who have been ruled out as orange socks (besides the ones in my blog) please let me know!! also any women who could be possible matches...or any additional info at all would be helpful!! I will be posting more info as soon as I have a moment. ♥

    Myspace for Orange Socks!!


    Case on Doe Network.
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    They reopened this case after discounting Henry Lee Lucas' confession that he killed her. LE was providing a lot of information to Lucas that made him look like her murdered over 100 people. The exact number will never been know how many he actually murdered. If I remember correctly only three murders have be completely verified but he probalby killed more.

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