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    NY - Herta Auslander, 98, found dead in freezer, Cooks Falls, 15 Oct 2008


    She was 100 years old; he was collecting her checks. He's still out there on the loose.

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    I hope she died of natural causes and he just wanted to keep getting her checks. But to put your own mother in a freezer is really awful. I wonder if he took off before his mother was found or if he got word that she had been found and he took off. The things children do to their parents now days and the things parents do to their children is almost unbelievable.

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    From November 2009:


    The man who kept his dead mother’s body in his freezer... was sentenced in Sullivan County Court Friday to six months in jail for cashing her social security checks...

    Auslander had pled guilty to grand larceny and forgery...

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