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    Thumbs up Leukemia drug can halt, reverse MS

    LONDON (AFP) Researchers at the University of Cambridge said Thursday they have found that a drug originally developed to treat leukemia can halt and even reverse the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS).

    In trials, alemtuzumab reduced the number of attacks in sufferers and also helped them recover lost functions, apparently allowing damaged brain tissue to repair so that individuals were less disabled than at the start of the study.

    "The ability of an MS drug to promote brain repair is unprecedented," said Dr Alasdair Coles, a lecturer at Cambridge university's department of clinical neurosciences, who coordinated many aspects of the study.

    "We are witnessing a drug which, if given early enough, might effectively stop the advancement of the disease and also restore lost function by promoting repair of the damaged brain tissue."

    The MS Society, Britain's largest support charity for those affected by the condition, said it was "delighted" at the trial's results, which must be followed up with more research before the drug can be licensed.


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    Thanks for posting this. MS and leukemia are both diseases that I've dealt with. MS through my aunt and cousin and I had leukemia as a child.

    I have never heard of this drug but then again it's been so long since I was treated. I do know that some of the drugs I was given have been found to CAUSE neurological problems (such as cognitive ability, memory, etc.). Wouldn't it be great if this drug can help those suffering from MS AND treat those suffering from leukemia without causing further damage.

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    Wonderful news!! Thanks for posting, DK! I am sure this gives much hope to people suffering through such a disease. The miracles coming about in medicine never cease to amaze me. Isn't it fabulous we have such brilliant minds on this planet? Kudos to the researchers who work so tirelessly.

    I am praying for a cure for RA for my child. Someday we may find a way to reverse the affects of that disease which have ravaged her already. There is always hope as this story confirms.

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    Hopefully they will do alot more studies and not jump the gun as they did with Tysabri.

    Believe me I am all for having the damage that MS has done to my body, but I am cautious. My doctor tried to get me to take Tysabri and gave me the quality of life vs quantity speach.

    It was my insurance company (yes I said my insurance company lol. They are not all evil blood suckers) that showed me proof of how many people have died from brain eating diseases and cancer from this "wonder drug". By the way it was recalled for 2 years and only introduced again with a waver that patients have to sign saying that they know it can kill them.

    My doctor was also to get a BIG bonus for geting me to do this drug. Guess he is not going on the Egypt cruise now.

    Please keep us further informed if anyone else sees new info on this drug.

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    There are just so many who are impacted daily by this disease.. my parents have a very close friend who has been fighting this disease for many many years.. she has been donfined to a wheel chair and dependant upon her husband for care for too many years.. she is an educator and wonderful woman.. wife, mother, grandmother.. her grandchildren have never known her when she was well.. it would be wonderful if this drug would improve her current life and allow her to be more physically involved in her grandchildrens lives. My finders and toes will be crossed that this appears to be a significant find..

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    This is huge in my opinion! Thank you so much for sharing. I have seen MS affect two of my friends. One who was diagnosed when she was in her late 20ies and one who lost her husband to it. Both women were angry and I felt very helpless only being able to offer words for comfort.

    Yes Sleuther - I agree, they need to run the studies and make sure it is safe and that all side effects are identified before they start prescribing it. But I would think some of this work may already be done if the product is being used to treat Lukemia. So maybe it won't take long before they can offer it?

    I will just cross my fingers and say prayers that the drug lives up to its promise.


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