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    Teen mom surrenders herself under Safe Haven Law in Neb.

    OMAHA, Neb. A 16-year-old mother walked into a hospital in an attempt to use Nebraska's unique safe-haven law not to abandon her baby, but to get help for herself and her son.

    Full story at link.

    I hope she can find the home she needs to support not only her, but her son as well. Good for her for not turning in her son, but wanting a better life for both of them.
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    God bless her and her son. I hope they get the help they need.

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    You know I really feel for this girl. I got pregnant at 16 as well and if the father wasnt around I dont know what I would have done. My mom could barely support me and my sister at the time so it would have been rough. I thank god every day that everything worked out for us. I hope she gets help for her and her baby.

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    I am 40 and just had a baby (8 months ago -- yes, I'm a woman), and I can't imagine being kicked out of my home with my baby. I don't know how a child would handle it. She sounds resourceful.

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    This just brought tears to my eyes. I am so saddened for the state of our society that a child has to do this for her and her child.

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    Oh, bless her heart. I hope that she gets help. I think that it's wonderful that she is trying instead of abandoning or harming her little one like so many others do.

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    The teen's mom may find out that the state will expect child support for her daughter the next two years while she's in the care of the state. It's too bad that the aunt or other family couldn't help out. It won't be much, if any easier in two years when the girl is eighteen and out of foster care. She could even end up losing or being convinced to give up her child at that time.

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    Actually, the state will want child support from the baby's father, and if he is a minor as well, his parents will be liable for that child support until their son is 18. and possibly both parents, if this 16 yr olds father can be found. Sadly, it will not likely be much. I am a member of an SP & child support enforcement forum and I am amazed to see support orders for as little as 28.00 a week.

    I hope this young mother finds the support and resources she is looking for and needing. IMO, it is heartbreaking, her family was unable to help her seek those resources themselves.

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    Shouldn't her mother have to pay child support for HER though?!
    My sister has a support order for $32 a week for her daughter. It's been the same since she was born in 1992.
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