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    Casey & The Anthonys: The Early Years

    Several of us are interested in digging some more into Casey and the Anthony's earlier years, so this thread is to discuss and share information regarding Casey and the Anthonys prior to this case.

    Give me a minute and I'll bring over posts from the thread where this discussion began, and links to that thread so everyone can see how the discussion came about.


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    Yea! This could be very insightful.

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    Yeah, I think this is a great idea for a thread.

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    Thank you! I love to do this type of research.

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    Very welcome!

    Ok, let's blame Meagain for starting the discussion going along these lines

    Just kidding, Meagain!

    It's about this point where we seem to have started:


    Page 11, post 260

    I'll bring over the posts I see that look most relevant. Please forgive me in advance if I miss any! Just holler at me and I'll be happy to go get any I miss.

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    [QUOTE=BeanE;2867845]Sooo... now that we know a number of us see this family the same way, the million dollar question: what is the elephant in the room?

    Personally, on this case, I see primarily Cindy lying. I see her washing the clothes from the car. I can't see her or George or Lee burying or moving Caylee's little body. That doesn't 'fit' for me.

    What fits for me is that whatever is going on with this family goes back way long before this case. I think they have a secret. I think Cindy primarily has a secret. I wouldn't be surprised if George and Lee actually know little about it.

    I don't think it's incest of any kind. That doesn't fit for me.

    I think perhaps the elephant that Cindy keeps trying to sweep under the rug is that this is not the first time Casey has done something awful. Perhaps when she was very young she hurt an animal or another child.

    That is what 'fits' for me, and makes everybody's behavior fall into place.


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    [QUOTE=TURBOTHINK;2867953]Early on CA made a very strange statement when confronted that Caylee may be dead, she said something like "oh no, NOT AGAIN" - I thought that was VERY strange. I remember asking if anyone knew if there had been a child prior.

    [QUOTE=twomanywords;2868094]Yes, I would love to read that! Maybe the bad seed has a history that we don't know about.
    At this point, nothing would surprise me.

    [QUOTE=magic-cat;2868096]Since Casey fits the "profile", at least from what we do know, of being a sociopath, it is possible that she did hurt animals or other children when she was younger. (The one who would know this information, unfortunately for the sake of both truth and justice, is Cindy.) The sociopath does not have any empathy for the creatures that they torment, human and animal alike. I personally think the "secret" IS Casey and her mental state.

    I believe they have know for a VERY long time that Casey had mental problems of a serious nature, and rather than deal with them, much as the parents Seung Hui Cho, of the Virginia Tech massacre, they were ashamed, and tried to deal with it themselves, rather than seeking help for her. I think they may have even been medicating her THEMSELVES, and having a mother in the nursing profession I know they can "get" anything they need or want from a doctor in "their" hospital, and I think they were getting "things" FOR Casey.
    I honestly believe if the full truth of everything were to come to light, then we would see a family who have struggled for many years with the mental instability of one of their members (Casey) and we would see that Cindy took it upon herself to diagnose and treat Casey with drugs that she obtained from her work. I would not hesitate to say that Casey had access to drugs in her own home, as it has been widely published that Cindy is heavily medicated...was she before this happened? and what drugs DID they keep in the house? and who were those drugs for? and did any come up missing when Caylee came up missing or anytime before? who had access and knowledge of these "drugs" if they in fact existed at all...There IS a secret, and a well kept one.

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    [QUOTE=Pink Panther;2868494]The media has really "dug up" very little if you ask me. We have heard absolutely nothing about the family's history. The little bit we do now, we've found and discussed here. The media on this case so far has included no investigative journalism. All we've seen from the media so far is the easy sensationalistic overview.


    [QUOTE=BeanE;2868521]Omg. Do you remember what kind of interview or whatever it was, Turbothink? I'd like to track that down.

    Also, anyone know the most efficient way to find out about death records of children in a family when you don't even know if a child existed?

    Babies who died before ever coming home from the hospital could be eliminated from searches. It would be babies who did come home, and then died. Would include suspicious causes of death as well as such things as SIDS, accidents, things like that.

    Do we know for sure that they only ever lived in Ohio and Florida after Casey was born? Actually, how about after Lee was born?

    I'm happy to spend hours on end searching, I just need someone to point me in a direction if possible. I also have unlimited long distance in the U.S. so I can make phone calls.

    Thank you in advance

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    My brain is being engulfed by a cold, so before I do this, I'd like to ask for opinions.
    Do you think a thread about Accountability and Reason, looking at patterns of behavior, stated and perceived observations about the dynamics of this case, would be an interesting and/or helpful way to evaluate and assimilate what happened before Caylee's death, what led to it, what might have prevented it?

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    [QUOTE=Pink Panther;2868533]BeanE - Have you done any searches on the family birth records/marriage records???[/

    [QUOTE=BeanE;2868551]Pink, I don't remember seeing a single thing like interviews with Casey or Lee's early teachers, neighbors, not a single thing.

    The only thing I do remember was mention of a story where Casey was walking a dog as a teenager (age 14 is sticking in my head but I don't know why) and the dog went potty on somebody's lawn. Although the dog was on a leash and seemed to indeed be Casey's, Casey denied to the person that the dog was hers.

    I wonder if any of the friends have info. Actually I'd like to hear from them if they *not* have any stories, partiularly if they spent time with the family. Did the family avoid talking about early years? Pictures in the house of the early years with Lee and Casey as young children? Other young children in pics? Would be interesting.

    [QUOTE=Pink Panther;2868614]I believe that both Lee and KC were born in Ohio. Marriage records for CA and GA would be there as well. I have tried looking them up but Ohio records are not available online. They are available to the public but you have to go there/be there to request them

    [QUOTE=Brini;2868802]Yes, there are online detective agencys like Peoplesearch. For a small amount of money, one can see marriage, criminal, and address records

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    [QUOTE=Brini;2868834]I think the, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" say it all.

    [QUOTE=What'sThatClue;2869040]Unfortunate that they can remain sealed when someone is charged with murder.

    But I do recall Sheriff Kevin Beary was on tv and stated that Casey had "a bit of a criminal past."

    (honestly, I could have sworn he said "long criminal history" but there's memory for you 'cause the article says different)

    Guess we'll never know whether he meant that in regard to recent charges filed just prior to these theft charges, or back before she was 18.


    "New Charges Filed Against Casey Anthony

    Sheriff's investigators filed additional charges against Casey Anthony, the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, on Wednesday afternoon.

    The additional charges include two counts of uttering a forged check, two counts of petty theft and two counts of fraudulent use of personal identification.

    "All I know is that there's additional charges because this young lady has definitely got a bit of a criminal past," Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetwater View Post
    My brain is being engulfed by a cold, so before I do this, I'd like to ask for opinions.
    Do you think a thread about Accountability and Reason, looking at patterns of behavior, stated and perceived observations about the dynamics of this case, would be an interesting and/or helpful way to evaluate and assimilate what happened before Caylee's death, what led to it, what might have prevented it?
    I do.

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    Please close out the quotes for reference links, eg [/QUOTE], thanks!

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    [QUOTE=What'sThatClue;2869063]They bought their current home on 10/04/1989. Casey would have been, what, two or three years old? Are there sales records for their home in Trumbull on the Trumbull County Ohio property appraiser's website? I'll look later if no one knows...

    [QUOTE=What'sThatClue;2869139]For those wondering where the A's lived prior to FL, here's a bit more:


    The grandparents of a 2-year-old Orlando, Fla., girl who is missing and feared dead are former Trumbull County residents as is their daughter who is suspected in the child’s disappearance

    George Anthony, 56, and his wife Cindy, 50 lived in Howland before moving to Florida in 1989. The Anthonys also have a son, Lee, who also was born in Warren.

    Anthony was a Trumbull detective from 1974 until 1985 and left the sheriff’s department at that time.

    Their daughter Casey Anthony, who was born in Warren in 1986........

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    [QUOTE=twomanywords;2869170]If a criminal past is important for a murder trial, wouldn't they ever allow it ? Unsealing juvi records.
    if someone has a past history verses a clean reputation( which isn't the case here) it could show that she isn't a victim of being framed but a criminal with a past which would dictate an acceleration of rage behavior

    [QUOTE=Brini;2869212]NICE find!

    One woud assume that the Sheriff wouldn't say, "Criminal past," unless there was an actual bust.. and conviction

    [QUOTE=What'sThatClue;2869241]You'd think so but here's an article about it--look at the last line. So I'm thinking Sheriff Beary's statement referred to the recent arrests (theft, neglect) that were just prior to the last theft charges. But golly, his statement sure can be taken other ways!


    In Florida, under some circumstances, you may be able to have a criminal record expunged, which means that the record is no longer available for most purposes and you can deny having been arrested. However, an expunged record may be accessed if you apply for jobs in law enforcement or involving contact with children.

    You may be eligible for expungement of records relating to a single arrest if you have never been found guilty of a crime, including the offense for which you are seeking expungement. In other words, if the charges are dismissed or you are found not guilty, you may have your records relating to an arrest expunged.

    In order to get an expungement, you will have to obtain a certificate of eligibility for expunction from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. After getting the certificate, you must file a court petition. The court will decide whether to order your record expunged.

    Juvenile records may be expunged in the same manner. Also, juvenile records are expunged by the state of Florida when a juvenile offender reaches age 24 (age 26 for serious or habitual offenders).

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