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    NY - Alejandra Vazquez, 11, beaten to death, Brooklyn, 23 Oct 2008

    Here's another horror story of a mom killing her child. Whatever happened to walking away and taking a breather.


    BROOKLYN (WABC) -- A heartbreaking story in Brooklyn where police say a mother has confessed to beating her 11-year old daughter to death.
    The mother, Florenzia Vazquez is being held at the 75th precinct. Police say the suspect confessed to beating her daughter with a mop handle so hard, it broke in two.

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    What could a little girl do to possibly cause such anger in a person? Why is it that so many people have such hatred and anger in them all the time? I just don't understand. Poor baby likely thought she would have a better life here.

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    Such a pretty little girl. I wonder what caused her mother to react like that. I can't hear the video because my speakers are messed up. The mom had to have hit that girl pretty hard to break the handle of the broom or mop. They are usually pretty thick.

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    It says she told her friends that she had been beaten before- as medical records now back. If nothing else, we need to teach our children the importance of speaking up when their friends tell them these kinds of things. I do feel for these friends as well- they must be tortured wondering if they could have prevented this if they had just spoken up. So sad.

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    From August 2010:


    "To her, we were all animals," Florencia Vazquez's 15-year-old daughter, Imelda, wrote in Spanish in a letter read by a court interpreter. "My mother deserves to get a lot of time in jail for all the harm she has done... I will never forgive her for what she did to us"...

    Her eyes welled with tears when Justice Neil Firetog sentenced her mother to 16 years behind bars for brutally killing her sister Alejandra. Vazquez also was hit with a concurrent sentence of seven years for assault.

    Vazquez pleaded guilty Aug. 2 to savaging her schoolgirl daughter with the handle in October 2008 - and leaving her to die on her bed.

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