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    Just my opinion....
    I was thinking that KC borrowed the neighbor's shovel....
    used it to break into the Shed.... Got one of George's Shovel's
    and used it...
    * * * I also think that KC might have actually put
    Little Angel Caylee ~~~ Under the sand box....
    because it would NOT be Grass.... and easier to dig there...
    and then.... replace the sand box on top............

    * * * * Always praying for Little Angel Caylee ! ! !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pegster57 View Post
    I wondered about the knife, too. LE always mentioned it as if it were a significant find - a "cleaned" kitchen knife, as opposed to a "clean" kitchen knife.

    But I don't know -- somehow I can't picture Casey plunging a knife into a decomposing body and possibly getting splattered with fluids or having to smell the gasses. I picture her putting Casey into a thick black trash bag so that once she did, she wouldn't have to look at her body again as the decomp progressed. Maybe she used the knife to scrape things out of the trunk- dried blood, fluids or tissue.
    I hope you are right on the trash bag. It would significantly slow decomposition down. The forensic would be better preserved. Bacteria has a hard time getting through plastic. If she was in the trunk for several days with food and flies, she already had bacteria on her though. I hope we know soon after the search on 11-08

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexington View Post
    I believe Cindy made this statement about the gate and the ladder to the pool to set up a possible accidental drowning defense. Cindy never says anything that doesn't in some way benefit Casey.
    Cindy, unfortunately for her and Casey, doesn't seem to know what Casey did. In my opinion she has said many things that don't benefit Casey. Not her intent I am sure, but the outcome is still the same.

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