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    Evidence Discussion

    What additional evidence are you aware of or have questions about? Let's discuss. Keep it factual, please. No theories.

    Items seized/gathered from Cooper Home during SW execution:

    1. Photographs of Brad Cooper
    2. Cheek swabs from Brad Cooper
    3. Prints of Brad Cooper
    4. Brownish Green Vegetable material collected from 2001 BMW 325i
    5. one sealed bag containing a green colored dress
    6. one sealed bag containing a black colored sports bra and red colored shirt
    7. one oval braided rug sealed in paper
    8. one sealed envelope containing trace taping
    9. one sealed bag containing one pair of blue and gray tennis shoes
    10. one pair of 'corso-como' hi-heel shoes
    11. one sealed envelope containing a pink colored object thought to be a nail
    12. one sealed bag containing 2 gray colored seat covers
    13. one sealed bag containing a gray colored seat cover
    14. one sealed envelope containing a portion of green colored plastic
    15. one sealed bag containing a pillow
    16. one sealed bag containing bed linen
    17. one sealed bag containing a white colored size XL 'Nike Dryfit' shirt
    18. one sealed envelope containing hair
    19. one sealed envelope containing hair
    20. misc documents and writings
    21. one canon DS 126131 camera, one sanrio camera and one Digipro carrying case
    22. one IBM Thinkpad T43P laptop computer, one HP XW4400 workstation tower, on Macbook Pro laptop, and one Maxtor hard drive
    23. one white pillow case
    24. one item of child's clothing
    25. one graduation program of NCSU commencement
    26. two swabs from the exterior of driver's door handle 2001 BMW 325i
    27. one swab from the interior of the driver's side door handle 2001 BMW 325i
    28. hair from interior trunk lid, BMW 325i
    29. grass from the right front seat, BMW 325i
    30. hair from the bottom of front right bumper/spoiler, BMW 325i
    31. trunk floor, 2001 BMW 325i
    32. hair from left front tire well, 2001 BMW 325i
    33. one pair of rainbow flip-flops

    Digital/Computer Items seized from Brad Cooper Home:

    1. IBM Thinkpad T43P laptop computer
    2. One HP XW440 Workstation Tower
    3. One Dell Dimension 8300 Tower
    4. One MacBook Pro laptop computer
    5. One Maxtor external hard drive
    6. One Cruzer Micro 2.0 GB thumb drive
    7. One Western Digital external hard drive

    Items seized from BC Cisco office as detailed in search warrant:

    1. Numerous misc documents containing writings
    2. 'Cruzer' thumb drive
    3. one 'sony' DVD-RW Disc
    4. one telephone and charger
    5. one external hard drive
    6. six unopened envelopes
    7. four 'sony' CD-R discs
    Interviews revealed that Brad Cooper went to his office at least one time between the dates of 7/12 and 7/18.

    Autopsy Report
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    This thread is an excellent idea and may help clarify evidence from hearsay, do you think it would be possible to not theorize on this thread and just present the cold hard facts as they are known, not as they are suspected to be.



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    I wonder if they determined if that 'pink nail' was in fact a nail and if, in fact, it was Nancy's.

    Also, I remain very curious about the 'green piece of plastic.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by justthinking2008 View Post

    This thread is an excellent idea and may help clarify evidence from hearsay, do you think it would be possible to not theorize on this thread and just present the cold hard facts as they are known, not as they are suspected to be.


    I'm ALL for sticking to just the facts (not to be confused with "Just the Fax") of the case and staying on point with that, so yes I can do it, and hope everyone will agree to that as well. Good idea.

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    See above ^
    I am interested in the "vegetable matter" taken from BC's car.

    I most interested in the forensic evaluation of the computer harddrives from the FBI. If I remember correctly, that was the one piece of evidence that was noted that had not yet been received a few weeks ago.

    I am also interested in the possible whereabouts of the second diamond stud earring, as the autopsy notes that she was found wearing one only.

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    SG: Do you think it would be a good idea to copy the list of evidence taken from the home and Cisco into the first post of this thread while you can still edit it? I think someone put the list for each warrant in the legal documents thread way back.

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    The evidence most interesting to me will be that related to the 325i BMW. in particular the hair removed from the front left spoiler and the front right wheel well as well as evidence obtained from the boot flooring removed from the 325i.

    I am very interested in learning if this vehicle was searched at Scott Heider's house or if LE took it into custody and transported it to a secure location for testing and sampling.

    ETA - that could be right front spoiler and left front wheel well - can't remember for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleuthyGal View Post
    Done...edited post #1
    Thanks! I see it was you who put it in the docs thread to begin with!

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    I'm interested in many things, not the least among them is what forensic evidence, if any, was found on items removed from the home: the cushion covers, the pillow, the sheets, the oval rug. Was there any physical evidence in the house to show/prove that Nancy did not leave her house alive the morning of 7/12?

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    SG...how do you feel about adding the autopsy report in your 1st post?
    “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." ~Mark Twain~

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleuthyGal View Post
    You mean the link to the report? Sure.
    Is there any way to copy and post the actual findings? Or should we type it out? Just listing items like her toenail polish color, stomach contents, clothing, etc.
    “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." ~Mark Twain~

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    I would like to know the type of Corso Como heels that were taken. Were they the stilletto, tall, pointy type, and what type of edges the heels have.

    I also would like to know know where and if traces of the green plastic and tracing tape was found on her.

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    Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
    CB # 7580 Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7580
    Telephone 9199662253
    Document Identifier B200803115

    Autopsy Type: ME Autopsy
    Name Nancy Cooper

    Age 34 yrs
    Race White
    Sex F


    Authorized By Michael J. Papez MD Received From Wake

    Date of Exam 07/15/2008
    Time of Exam 10:30
    Autopsy Facility Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Persons Present Mr. Kevin Gerity, Mr. Clyde Gibbs, Dr. Gaffney-Kraft, Dr. Simmons, Mr. Bill Holloman, WE Jones, Wake CCBI


    Cause of Death: Asphyxiation

    The facts stated herein are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Digitally signed by
    John D. Butts MD 29 September 2008 16:22

    Decomposed human remains
    Hyoid fracture

    Body Identified By Dental Exam

    Length 70 inches
    Weight 132 pounds
    Body Condition Decomposed
    Rigor Absent
    Livor Undetectable
    Hair Long, brown
    Eyes Decomposed
    Teeth Present, natural, no restorations
    These remains are received within two heavy duty body bags. They are those of a mature female lying supine on a white
    sheet. She is clothed only in a elastic halter athletic style bra of black, gray and red coloration that is pulled up above
    the breasts. There is a clear stone stud earring in the left earlobe. Pink polish is present on the toenails.

    There is extensive infestation of the body with scattered fly eggs and active maggots. A variety of other insects including crickets and large numbers of ants are present. There is dark discoloration of the facial features with considerable
    insect damage to the right side of the face and a portion of the neck. There is extensive infestation in the area of the genitalia. Some caked clay like dirt is present along the medial surface of the left upper leg, knee and lower leg. There
    is insect scavenging deeper into the tissues in this area. The body is bloated with resultant overall discoloration. There is some drying of the fingers of the right hand, less so on the left. There is a tanned appearence to the skin of the lower

    There is a faint linear mark across the central neck in the area of the thyroid prominence approximately 1.3" in length.

    At the left margin there are several circular insect defects. Internally, there is dark discoloration of the anterior strap muscles on the left without definite evidence of hemorrhage.

    There is marked congestion of the supraclavicular tissues on the left, but without obvious hemorrhage.

    There is an area of abnormal flexibility in the distal portion of the right wing of the hyoid bone without accompanying hemorrhage. After stripping the periostium it is noted that the lateral surface of the bone is intact and that there is a
    vertical linear fracture of the medial surface.

    The following items are released with the body:

    The following items are preserved as evidence:
    Earring and halter top


    Radiographs: Skull films are taken, they reveal no metallic objects save the earring. No dental restorations are noted.

    Microbiology: None

    Chemistry: None

    Identification: The appearance of the teeth on dental photographs brought by law enforcement depicting the upper and lower teeth
    from doctors Ferri and Lawrence, 431 Keisler Drive, Suite 200, Cary, NC 27518 are compared with the appearance and configuration of the teeth in the victim. The location, configuration and coloring of the teeth are identical. It is noted
    that the accompanying x-rays show all teeth present save the four third molars and there are no restorations present; this matches the configuration of the teeth in the victim. The dental examination is repeated by Alan Samuelson, DDS who concurs in the identification.

    Special Evidence Collection: A Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit is utilized and the items collected include pulled head hairs, pulled pubic hairs, oral swabs and smears, vaginal swabs and smears and a blood stain sample. Fingernail scrapings are collected at the request of law enforcement. The kit, scrapings, bra/halter, wrapping sheet and earring are turned over to WE Jones of the Wake CCBI on 7-15-08.


    Body Cavities:
    The pleural, peritoneal and pericardial cavities show no evidence of hemorrhage or ongoing pathology. Small collections of decompositional fluid are present in the pleural cavities.

    Cardiovascular System:
    Heart Weight 280 grams
    The coronaries show normal distribution and no atherosclerosis. The myocardium is brownish without areas of discoloration or thinning. The valves are normally formed. The aorta and its major branches are intact without atherosclerosis. No blood remains in the vascular system save some in the pulmonary arteries. This is collected for DNA.

    Respiratory System:
    Right Lung Weight 410 grams
    Left Lung Weight 380 grams
    They show a normal configuration. They are partly collapsed. No areas of consolidation are noted. The pulmonary arteries contain some decomposed blood. No definitive clots are noted. The bronchi are clear. The trachea contains a small amount of fluid and debris. There is no edema of the epiglottis or larynx. There is darkening of the laryngeal and sublaryngeal epithelium with the suggestion of some fine petechial hemorrhages. The hyoid bone and thyroid cartilages
    are intact save as noted. The tongue is unremarkable.

    Gastrointestinal System:
    The GI tract is intact throughout its length. The appendix is present. The stomach contains a small amount of reddish fluid and one fragment of what may be onion.

    Liver Weight 1070 grams
    It is pale reddish brown without accentuation of the lobular architecture. The gallbladder contains a small amount of bile and the extrahepatic system appears intact.

    Spleen Weight 155 grams
    Soft but normally formed.

    Autolyzed, otherwise unremarkable.

    Right Kidney Weight 110 grams
    Left Kidney Weight 150 grams
    The cortical surfaces are smooth. The ureters are intact. The bladder is empty.

    Uterus, tubes and ovaries are present and appear unremarkable. The cervix is unremarkable. Examination of the external genitalia shows considerable insect activity and some darkening, but no obvious trauma.

    The thyroid gland appears to be of normal size and configuration. The adrenals are unremarkable.

    Brain Weight 1180 grams
    The meninges appear thin and delicate. There is no blood in the epidural, subdural or subarachnoid compartments. The right side of the brain is somewhat firmer and slightly drier in appearance than the left. Though markedly decomposed the brain is intact and multiple coronal sections reveal no evidence of any internal hemorrhage.

    Abnormalities as noted. The posterior neck is incised and no apparent hemorrhages are noted in the deeper musculature. There is dark discoloration of the anterior central frontal scalp. There is no subgaleal hemorrhage evident.

    Immunologic System:
    No lymphadenopathy noted.

    Musculoskeletal System:
    Abnormalities as noted.

    Microscopic Comment
    Sections are autolyzed.

    There is no apparent scarring or inflammation in a heart section.

    No pneumonia evident in a lung section.

    There is no scarring or portal inflammation. There may be some mild fine vacuolation of the hepatocytes.

    Kidney appears to be unremarkable.

    Brain section is unremarkable.

    A section of strap muscle does not show obvious hemorrhage.

    This was a 34 year-old woman who allegedly was last seen alive when she left her residence to go jogging on the morning of July 12th. Her largely unclothed remains were found on the afternoon of the 14th face down some distance from her residence. She had been in good general health and was reportedly a regular runner.

    Autopsy examination revealed decomposed remains whose condition is consistent with the time interval she was reportedly missing. There was no evidence of any underlying medical conditions that might have caused her death. No serious physical injuries were identified but there was a fracture of the hyoid bone and other subtle trauma could have been masked by decomposition. Toxicological screens on fluid obtained at autopsy revealed an ethanol concentration of 60 mg/dL which could be the result of decomposition. No opiates, cocaine, oxymorphone or organic bases were found except caffeine. When discovered she was only wearing a halter top. Based on the history and autopsy findings it is in my opinion that she died as a result of external causes, homicidal violence, most likely asphyxia by strangulation.

    1. adult (front/back)
    2. Neck and Shoulders

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    I have extreme curisoty on two items, the red fluid in her stomach, the ME does not identify, and in the autopsy report he generally pointed out different fluids such as decomped blood and other fluids. He even theorizes the food fragment is onion, I find it strange he did not attempt a guess as to the fluid. Also the pillow holds my interest as I would like to know if some sort of carbon trace existed deep within the fibers of the pillow as to link it directly to the murder.

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    I have a rather digusting question, I read in the autopsy report that she was brought into ME office in 2 body bags, was she in 2 pieces when she was found, does anyone know for a fact why 2 body bags had to be used. The autopsy report makes no other reference other than 2 bags.

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