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    Pound puppy becomes narcotics dog in Florida

    I love happy news!


    LAKELAND, Fla. When his chief told him there was no money for a new narcotics dog, Polk County Sheriff's Deputy John Maney went to the pound, adopted and trained a dog himself.

    Maney, who has previously worked as a handler for five canines, turned down several dogs. He focused on ones that showed alertness, lack of fear and an eagerness to learn. He adopted an eleven-month-old black lab mix in March and named him Rezadu.

    They trained in abandoned phosphate mine property and open fields for 12 weeks, detecting illegal narcotics.

    Rezadu did so well that he was nationally certified in August.

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    wow thats fabulous news.. peraps now this is another way some of these dogs in shelters can be put to good work and saved.. it may also enocourge others in similar lines of work to search shelters for dogs .

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    Hurray, a saved animal! I hate it that pets get euthanized... and that people don't check the pound first when they want a new pet.

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    IMO, there is no where else to get a new pet. I am 100% convinced that my pups know they were rescued. I have never had such loyal, caring, and protective dogs.
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    That is so awesome, what a beautiful thing to do! and what a wonderful officer Deputy Maney is! I hope this is inspiration for other departments who are low on funds and need K9's.

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    There is a special place in heaven for folks like this!! This is great. Labs are so smart and eager to please..
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