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    AK - Kent Leppink, 36, murdered, Hope, 2 May 1996

    Looks like Mr. Carlin just reaped what he sowed...


    ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A spokesman for the Alaska Department of Corrections says John Carlin, the gunman in a notorious Alaska killing, has been found dead at the state prison in Seward. Corrections spokesman Richard Schmitz says Carlin was found dead under suspicious circumstances Monday night.

    Carlin was convicted of conspiring with Mechele Linehan, a former Anchorage stripper turned soccer mom, in the 1996 shooting death of Linehan's fiance, Kent Leppink.
    Karma is a *****, ain't it

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    What goes around comes around.

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    Texas at the moment :)

    I believe that this is what should happen to many people in jail. Especially child rapists and killers, but this guy? Sure whatever. Not a tear from me.

    beaten after a rerun of 48 hours? Humm did not know they saw those shows in jail. interesting.
    Only my opinion, no one else need agree.

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    Mechele Linehan, Chsrged in Murder of Kent Leppink

    I first saw this case profiled on 48 Hours and have continued to be somewhat fascinated by the events leading up to the 1996 murder of Kent Leppink, the trial itself, and the resultant convictions of Mechele Linehan and John Carlin in 2008.

    If you haven't followed the case and are interested, you can read the transcripts of the 48 Hours and Dateline episodes about the cases here:
    The Stripper & The Steel Worker on NBC's Dateline
    Love & Death in Alaska on CBS's 48 Hours.
    Watch the full 48 Hours broadcast here.

    Co-defendant John Carlin was killed in prison this fall and Mechele Linehan is currently appealing her conviction and 99 year sentence. You can read the Statement of Points on Appeal here.

    At trial, the prosecution depicted Linehan as a devious and sociopathic stripper who dated three men simultaneously, ultimately duping one paramour (Carlin) into murdering another (Leppink) for insurance money.

    The defense disputed this account and revealed that Mechele Linehan is now a model member of society, a PTA mom married to a military doctor. Much of the trial focused on the "two Mecheles," and Linehan's history as an exotic dancer. The defense maintained that the prosecution constructed a false narrative about Mechele and that the "real Mechele" is a dedicated mother and wife who had nothing to do with Leppink's murder.

    I'm still fascinated by this case because IMO there wasn't a lot of strong evidence conclusively linking Linehan to the murder. I tend to think too much of the trial focused on Linehan's personality, lifestyle and stereotypes about exotic dancers. After reading everything I could about the case, I tend to think Linehan is guilty. But sometimes I wonder if she was perhaps wrongfully convicted in a trial dominated by sensationalism and stereotyping.

    Linehan's husband and friends created a website which maintains her innocence and shares information about Mechele, the trial and the pending appeal. http://freemechele.blogspot.com/

    Have others followed this case? Do you have an opinion about Linehan's guilt? I'm curious to know how other WS'ers see her-- she sits down for a lengthy interview in the 48 Hours episode I linked above.

    Do you believe her? Or know any other information about the case and the players?

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    Hi, malcomthemiddle and welcome to Websleuths!

    I, too, have followed this case. Mechele is guilty as sin in my book! I agree with all of your points above and believe her to be the instigator. She seems to be very manipulative and used just about every man she came into contact with in some way or another. Also, her "sweet and innocent/poor, poor me" act just annoyed me to no end!

    She gives women a bad name, if you ask me!

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    Appeals court overturns Linehan conviction

    By Megan Holland | Anchorage Daily News • Published February 05, 2010

    The Alaska Court of Appeals has overturned the murder conviction of Mechele Linehan, the ex-stripper and Olympia resident accused of murdering a fiancé.

    The decision, handed down this morning, concluded it was improper for Superior Court Judge Philip Volland to allow evidence about the movie "The Last Seduction" and a letter written by Kent Leppink in the days before he died. The letter accused Linehan of the murder.

    What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
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    wow! Cant say I am too surprised. I wish they didnt bring up that movie. It didnt make a difference.
    From what I have read from the juror interviews, they didnt care about her stripper past, or movies. After their first vote, (6 - guilty / 6 - undecided), they went for the emails. Not her movie collection.

    So, they refile the charges, arrest her, she bails out, and we do it again

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    ok, she wont be released...
    ""Well there are essentially three options," Rosenstein said. "We could ask the Alaska Supreme Court to review the decision -- that's something they don't have to do, they have the discretion to do so, but they are not obligated to do that; or we could simply decide to proceed to retry Ms. Linehan; or we could decide to drop the case, which I really doubt that we'll do that."

    The state has 15 days to seek a review by the Supreme Court, Rosenstein said. If the state does not take it to the high court, the case will be returned to Superior Court where guidelines would be set for a retrial.


    "The state will be given a reasonable opportunity to review the case and decide whether in light of the court ruling they thought a retrial was warranted," Feldman said.

    Linehan remains incarcerated at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center in Eagle River. She would not be released until she is acquitted in a retrial or the state decides not to pursue a retrial."

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    I have to admit that I'm actually shocked at the news! I did not really think they would overturn her conviction. I'm with the rest of ya--I don't care if she stripped or what movies she liked or didn't...the Hope note, the Seychelles email, the whole creepy manipulative man-harem, the insurance policy...it all just reads guilty guilty guilty.

    Oh, while I'm FINALLY able to rant about this (this thread has been s l o w) wth is with her and her family saying this stuff about "how could a 'girl' of 23 get grown men to do these things..." a 23-year old is not a "GIRL" for pete's sake!!!!! That's a woman and it's degrading to women to insist that a 23-year old woman is just a helpless little girl innocently grinding on men for money.

    Another rant: her voice. I know, I know, it's shallow of me, but go over to youtube and watch a video with Karla Homolka talking (preferably the "Fifth Estate" episode), then watch video of Mechele Linehan talking. Tell me that simpering baby-doll voice they both have doesn't have a sinister use...

    Okay, flourish, breathe!

    oh!! and what about Mechele's sister testifying (albeit unwillingly) about Mechele taking the computer to her and asking her to erase incriminating emails and the like?

    And more on the stripper thing....okay, I worked at stupid K Mart when I was 20. Now, let's just say (read: hypothetical) that while I worked at K Mart, I met some people at K Mart, conspired with one of them to kill another one of them, it all went down, but I wasn't caught. Years go by. Now, I'm a teacher. If I were to get arrested tomorrow for that conspiracy, I'd fully expect that in the news, I'd be referred to as "ex-K Mart checker turned killer gets arrested today" and probably even something worse, like, "Blue-light special on...murder?? More at eleven!" You probably wouldn't hear, "Local preschool teacher knows more than just her ABC's," even though it's funny, too. I sometimes wonder if Mechele and company have more of a problem with the fact that she used to be a stripper than most of the public does.

    Oh, and if a Master's degree really absolves a person of all previous sins, I'd better get a lot of sinning done before the end of this summer, cuz I'm graduating! Whoo hoo, Amnesty!

    As for my opinion as to whether or not they will try her again...I'm gonna go with yes they will. For a variety of reasons, some admirable, some not so much, but I'm guessing this is only the beginning...again...?

    All of the above is my opinion, based on all the information I've found and read about this case. I've tried to find court transcripts online but with no luck and I can't afford to pay Alaska for copies...did I mention I'm a teacher LOL? But every piece of actual information I can find leaves me to believe that she is guilty. It is possible that the trial was improper in some sense or something, obviously there is good reason to think it was, but that doesn't change whether or not she is actually guilty, and I still think she is.

    Unless specified otherwise and linked, my posts are simply random thoughts of mine, in no particular order, not directed at any post or poster, including but not limited to the ones directly above mine. My opinion only, yours may vary. IMO. JMO. IMHO. JMHO. MOO. Disclaimer, small print, asterisk, and etc.

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    Wow! I am really shocked but also am surprised that prosecutors do these types of things that will get overturned...many times they do not even need to use these types of evidence, especially the bit about her so-called favorite movie from the other stripper. i am not sure i believed that bit. But the letter from KL to his parents was very strong and was surely a factor. I guess that one goes to the need to be able to confront your accuser...i wonder if Mark Benson will get an appeal for this same reason, his wife's note that she feared her husband was poisoning her was the biggest evidence in his case (and he is guilty for sure IMO but this may come back too...)
    These prosecutors have to try everything I guess...but the defense lawyers are just watching for errors the whole time, more than they are trying to prove lack of guilt, it seems...
    I still think Mechele will be convicted again eventually...
    the one thing i did not think was a big deal with the Sechelles e-mail...no one was going to have 10 million to buy citizenship...or whatever the amount was, it was way more than the insurance would have been worth...

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    i wonder how his death will affect a 2nd trial, which she has been awarded...
    and if this dead man's son won't or does not testify for some reason...it will be impossible to convict her again...i guess they can force him, but not sure they can make him repeat his testimony about seeing them cleaning a gun?

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    All prisons should only be able to have one channel and it should show only reruns of 48 hours.Now that would save law abiding citizens a lot of tax dollars.
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    I just came across The "Free Mechele" website and I must say that I'm disgusted. Do criminals really have websites like this to gain profit? Gross!

    So will Mechele be eligible for bond? How long will it take to get this to trial again? (if that's what they decide to do?)

    How can so many people honestly believe she had nothing to do with this???

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    State announced they will try her again


    Quote from article:

    ["While the appeals court has reversed Linehan's conviction on the basis of two particular pieces of evidence being admitted during her trial, we are confident that there is sufficient evidence to support a second conviction," said Deputy Attorney General Rick Svobodny, head of the Criminal Division in the Department of Law.]

    I for one am pleased they are trying her again. Hopefully it will stick this time!

    And, yeah, the blog is almost sad. I mean, in a recent entry, one of Mechele's family members was complaining about how they couldn't just send her more envelopes when she runs out. Like, um...P R I S O N...it's not summer camp, you know.
    Unless specified otherwise and linked, my posts are simply random thoughts of mine, in no particular order, not directed at any post or poster, including but not limited to the ones directly above mine. My opinion only, yours may vary. IMO. JMO. IMHO. JMHO. MOO. Disclaimer, small print, asterisk, and etc.

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    I remember this case and recall thinking she's definately guilty. Might read a bit now though to refresh my memory. Thanks for the thread!

    ETA: Ok, I've reread the 48 hours transcript etc. and yeah, I still think she's guilty.
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