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    Mechele Linehan's Triggerman Dead under Suspicious Circumstances

    Looks like Mr. Carlin just reaped what he sowed...

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A spokesman for the Alaska Department of Corrections says John Carlin, the gunman in a notorious Alaska killing, has been found dead at the state prison in Seward. Corrections spokesman Richard Schmitz says Carlin was found dead under suspicious circumstances Monday night.

    Carlin was convicted of conspiring with Mechele Linehan, a former Anchorage stripper turned soccer mom, in the 1996 shooting death of Linehan's fiance, Kent Leppink.
    Karma is a *****, ain't it

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    What goes around comes around.

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    I believe that this is what should happen to many people in jail. Especially child rapists and killers, but this guy? Sure whatever. Not a tear from me.

    beaten after a rerun of 48 hours? Humm did not know they saw those shows in jail. interesting.
    Only my opinion, no one else need agree.

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    i wonder how his death will affect a 2nd trial, which she has been awarded...
    and if this dead man's son won't or does not testify for some will be impossible to convict her again...i guess they can force him, but not sure they can make him repeat his testimony about seeing them cleaning a gun?

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    All prisons should only be able to have one channel and it should show only reruns of 48 hours.Now that would save law abiding citizens a lot of tax dollars.
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