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    NJ - Michael, 58, & Kathleen Maltese, 53, slain, South Brunswick, 8 Oct 2008


    Not sure if we got this article or not; a 20 year old man and his girlfriend killed his parents. That generation is just ridiculous and disrespectful

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    Well, this time it was a ring instead of a new pair of boobs. What is going on in this world that we live in! I just don't understand why these young people are doing this. His parents were allowing this couple to live with them and they probably weren't helping pay for anything. Guess the son wanted more then mom and dad were giving him. It used to be that young adults killed for the money they would have gotten after mom and dad passed away. Now they kill for rings and new boobs.

    I wonder what kind of relationship this guy had with his parents?

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    I would bet it wasn't a good one if he killed and buried them. Most people don't purposely cause harm to what they love and respect.

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    True Calikid...

    I gives a whole new meaning to "get a life". Cheez Louiz. What are these 2 nut balls left with now? They will be getting a whole new life filled with unmentionable surprises.

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    From November 2010:


    Maltese admitted he killed his father after the senior Maltese started an argument and attacked the son. The defendant said he endured a long history of verbal and physical abuse from his father, and that his father argued with him and attacked him on the night of the killings...

    Taylor, who was living with the Maltese family at the time of the murders, testified that she restrained Kathleen Maltese as the father and son were wrestling on the floor. Taylor said when she released Kathleen Maltese, the mother and son fought before Michael Maltese killed her.
    From August 2015:


    A New Jersey man who admitted to strangling his parents and burying them in a park before going on a shopping spree with his girlfriend had his murder conviction overturned Monday after the state Supreme Court ruled that his confession was obtained improperly...

    The 26-year-old was convicted of passion provocation manslaughter in the death of his father, Michael J. Maltese, and murder in the killing of his mother, Kathleen Maltese. He was sentenced to 64 years in state prison.

    Maltese's girlfriend, Nicole Taylor, pleaded guilty in August 2009 to being an accomplice and is serving a 10-year sentence after testifying against him.

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