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    KY - Johnny Upton, 56, shot to death at his Barren County home, 31 Oct 2008


    This hits so close to home. My daughter has many times spent the night at the house next door to this one and goes to school with the suspect. She has confided in me many times about the boy, who she said hated his father. Friends and neighbors tell us Mr. Upton was a great guy who only wanted to help his son and be a good parent and make sure his son did right. I have more info about the juvenile and his habits and the things he said leading up to this tragic event, however, I don't know if I can post any of it, as it is hearsay at this point and hasn't been reported in the news yet. Suffice it to say that the boy had been fighting with his dad for some time and had talked about his demise to other children on the bus and at school.

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    How horrible! It doesn't say how old the juvenile is or a possible motive for the shooting.

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    That's awful. I went to high school with a guy that killed his father. He told us that his father was abusive. So, one night his dad came home drunk and the boy set the house on fire. His dad died in the fire. The boy had skin grafts on part of his neck from getting burnt in the fire. It was disturbing to hear him talk about it.

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    What a terrible situation.

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    The boy is 17 and a Junior in high school. The dad, in this case, was not abusive. He was just a dad who wanted his son to not do drugs nor get into trouble. I have to speak with the lead detective in the morning. Will post more after.

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    I gather that the boy was doing things that his dad didn't approve of like drugging and drinking. Did he really think that his dad shouldn't get on him about it!! I wonder if anyone ever told the dad the things that his son was saying. So often we think that a kid is just talking and then afterwards we wish we had said something. We can learn a lot on this forum. One thing is not to keep your mouth shut and don't mind just your own business. That happens way to often in this world.

    Kids get mad when we have to get after them but if we didn't they would think that we didn't love them enough to care about what they are doing! I guess with some you can't win.

    That boy only had one more year of school and one more year until he turned 18 yrs and he could have moved out on his own and did whatever he wanted.
    He probably didn't even consider the consequences of his actions. Now he will go to prison for the rest of his life....what life???? If he thinks home was bad with dad telling him what he could and couldn't do just wait until he gets to prison. He won't be able to fart without a guard's approval! He'll be told when to get up and go to bed...what he can watch on TV...when to eat and he'll have to put up with the old cons who love the young guys. Life is not going to get better for this young man.

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    Teen ran away last year


    This is the same teen who killed his dad.

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    From December 2009:


    Jared Upton, the teenager accused of fatally shooting his father last year, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Barren Circuit Court to charges of murder and tampering with physical evidence...

    The elder Upton, who ran a taxidermy business and was retired from the U.S. Department of Forestry, died from multiple wounds from a 12-gauge shotgun, according to authorities.
    From February 2010:


    Jared Upton, 18, of Smiths Grove, was sentenced to 20 years for murder (domestic violence) and five years for tampering with physical evidence. Both sentences will run concurrently for a total of 20 years...

    In May 2009, Upton wrote a letter to a friend and mailed it to the friend’s grandmother’s house in the Woodburn community of Warren County.

    In the letter, which was on file at the Barren Circuit Court Clerk’s office, Upton refers to himself as the “Tinman” and said, “Man, I remember when you asked me what it was like to put someone out, man, it ain’t much really I could do it again it was just the fact it was my blood you dig.”

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