What is wrong with these families???


Blount County sheriff's officials say incest happens more often than we would like to think. At the Blount County Sheriff's Office, they charge people with incest or other forms of child sexual molestation every couple of weeks. But they say this case is particularly disturbing.

"It's disgusting to think a mother and stepfather would treat these kids the way they've been treated and compelled to do things that just aren't normal," says Chief Deputy Ron Dunn.

Jeffrey Williams, 39, and Lei Williams, 36, are charged with incest. Authorities say after a domestic violence call to the couple's Greenback home, the woman's two daughters -- both of whom are under the age of 16 -- told deputies about the alleged sexual incidents. "To put it in their words, it was a family party, and there were drugs offered in exchange for sex," Dunn says.

Authorities say the girls, who had become addicted to cocaine, were providing sexual favors to their stepfather and were being given the drug as a reward. Deputies say the girls' mother participated in sexual activities with all of them. "This apparently began in November of last year and was ongoing until March of this year, so there were several incidents involved here," Dunn says.

"Kids that have been sexually abused are much more likely to have substance abuse problems and depression and tend to become more aggressive or sexually promiscuous or both," says child psychiatrist Dr. John Robertson.

He says if you know of a child in a sexually abusive situation, it is your business to help get them out. "Unfortunately, a lot of the incestuous sexual abuse gets propagated to the next generation if intervention isn't done to help that person deal with it," Robertson says.

Robertson says the sooner a child can get help, the better the chances that he or she can work through it and lead a more normal life.