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    Smile Long Island 5th grader saves classmate from choking.

    I thought this was a nice story to put here. His teacher said he reacted calmly and "cool as a cucumber".


    Cool as a cucumber.

    That's how Keith Johnson's fifth-grade teacher at Cherokee Street School described the 10-year-old, whose actions on Friday potentially saved the life of one of his classmates.

    "He's an incredible young man," said teacher Ryan Cavanagh.

    Keith was eating lunch with his classmates when he noticed another student choking.

    more at link

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    What an incredible story! Thanks for sharing!

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    It's so great to read something positive! I think kids that do wonderful things should be recognized more often. He should be a guest on morning shows, Leno, make a really big deal..........

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    Kudos to Keith for paying attention and doing the right thing.

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    What an exemplary young man. I am proud of him too.

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