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    Interesting new article on WRAL

    "The Internet can tell people practically anything they need to know, and police are using that fact to crack some of the Triangle's highest-profile cases.
    Murder charges against Mike Peterson, Robert Petrick, Drew Planten and Brad Cooper were filed, in part, because investigators found evidence on their computer hard drives and e-mail accounts."
    "If you've done searches on strangulation and the cause of death in a homicide is strangulation, that's a circumstance that someone is going to look at," Knudson said. "Those sets of circumstances can be really compelling to a jury that kind of information because it's difficult for someone to manipulate after the fact."

    Full article at link:

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    See above ^
    Interesting because we've not really heard anything specifically about Brad's case and what the computer forensics showed - but we DID know that CPD had not yet received the harddrives back from the FBI until recently, i.e. it was one of the later pieces of evidence.

    Makes the quick arrest and the murder 1 charge even more interesting....

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    Yes, it does... it gets me thinking that may be why they arrested him... and, if so, we are talking premeditation!!!

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    ding, ding , ding - that has been my thought.

    The fact that they went for first degree - even though TECHNICALLY strangulation meets that criteria - told me that they had something that the average juror would be able to get their heads around for premeditation. Using the 4 minutes for the time it might take to kill someone as the sole basis would not fly with a jury IMO.

    My guess is that bits and bytes are going to come back and "bite" BC somewhere unpleasant.

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    I'm thinking premeditation also and I really hope that this guy gets the maximum punishment allowable by Law.

    Why these men think it's okay to murder their wives/significant other's is unbelievable to me. It's as though they really do not think they will get caught. Unfortunately, previous cases that have been going on for years without a resolution in North Carolina could be an added factor in the numerous new cases.

    I hope the new Governor of North Carolina can address this issue when she takes office and hopefully there will be some new funding for Law Enforcement to aid in investigating some of these unsolved murders of women that lost their lives to sociopathic men.

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