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    Child rapest out on $2500 bail!!

    http://www.telegram.com/article/2008...154/NEWSREWIND Can you belive this crap. It's uncontinable. Please excuse the spelling.

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    That just makes me so d*&m angry.. what the F is wrong with the judge? there ought to be mandatory limits of bond set in child abse cases and in cases of rape. What on earth was that J*ck *ss thinking..

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    That is disgusting! That judge needs to be ousted; $2500 bail is laughable; and the situation certainly is not laughable. Ugh

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    I agree the bail amount is ridiculous... however, (and I am going to get slammed for this), my hinky meter is up due to the DV situation between this woman and her husband. The daughter only mentioned something and the mom only noticed something after he was removed from the home. She was in her early teens, old enough to notify a teacher, someone if she could not tell mom.
    Nobody knew or noticed a thing while he was living in the home? Sadly, I see far to many made up DV stories in order to keep fathers from their children, so I will wait for further details.


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