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    NY - Sabrina Matthews, 14, Cambria Heights, Queens, 9 Nov 2008

    How sad!!! More killing....


    NEW YORK Devastated relatives gathered outside the house where a 14-year-old girl was found dead, wailing and screaming as they tried to make sense of the apparent attack on the high school freshman.

    Sabrina Matthews' body was discovered by her father Sunday afternoon, according to neighbor Vincent Oakley, who said the distraught man ran to Oakley's house after calling police.

    "He was crying and he was totally out of it," Oakley said, adding that the father said it appeared "'someone had gone in and assaulted her."'

    Police said the medical examiner's office was trying to determine how the girl died. They haven't identified any suspects.

    More at link......
    I sat there for the longest time
    after you were gone....
    thinking about all things we said.....
    and all the things we didn't say...
    I wonder if you misunderstood,
    cause I'm no good when it comes to talking....
    And I'm sorry,I didn't know the words.......
    to make you stay.

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    no sign of forced entry. Some teen boys were noted by a neighbor to have been lurking around the family home last night...which was not normal for that neighborhood in the fall. This poor child was found slashed and naked from the waist down. The father was questioned and released. The family car was taken into LE custody to check for any evidence. The girl's father found her like this when he got home from work. She was in her bedroom. There was no sign so far of forced entry.

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    That's disgusting, my prayers for her family.. Where did it say about teen boys lurking? I couldn't find it written, however i didn't watch the video clips.

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    "A Queens teen found slashed to death in her bedroom may have been killed by a boyfriend she recently met over the Internet, police sources said yesterday....
    Investigators removed Sabrina's computer from her room and said they would scour her e-mails and other online correspondence to determine whether she had met her killer over the Internet.
    Cops were looking to interview about a dozen men she may have dated....
    Matthews' father, who was interviewed at the 105th Precinct station house Sunday night, is not considered a suspect, cops said."

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    How sad. Teens aren't even safe nowdays in their own homes. Kids of all ages aren't safe in their own homes as far as that goes. Her poor parents and family.

    She is only 14 yrs old and has dated several boys? I wonder if that means dating alone or going out with a bunch of kids and just hanging with a guy that she liked? There is a big difference. I guess girls are allowed to actually date earlier and earlier these days. Of course dating has a whole different meaning then it used to have. A guy can walk a girl to her locker inbetween classes and they are considered dating. Hard to keep up with what different things mean to teens cause they change with each generation.

    Hopfully LE will solve this quickly for the parents sake and for justice for this young girl. I wonder if it was some creep on the internet?

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    From November 2013:


    The youngest of her four daughters, 14-year old Sabrina, was discovered in her second floor bedroom, sitting on the floor, under a sheet... “There’s no way she could scream,” Sabrina’s sister, Aneita, said to PIX, “because if you get slit in the throat, there’s no way to scream.”

    Aneita Matthews said she and another sister had to identify Sabrina at the morgue. “You could tell Sabrina was fighting that person,” Matthews said, “because she had cuts on her face and cuts on her hands.”

    The NYPD is offering a $22,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Sabrina Matthews’ killer.

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