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    FL - Boy, 11, allegedly hits mom with saw; offers her $5 not to tell police FT Pierce


    "A sheriff’s report says that’s when the boy began pleading with his mother not to call police and offered her a $5 bill."

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    how does a story like that even get reported?

    My assumption is that the boy has ADD or ADHD since mom was trying to medicate him at the time of the assault.
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    You are making assumptions regarding the medication. I did not read in the story that the boy has ADD or other.

    BTW, when does ADD or other difficulty "excuse" or explain an assault on his mother.

    It does not.

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    Assumption vs. Speculation..... I believe that speculation is allowed on this board, right? I'm asking because I don't think there's anything wrong with speculating that this child probably has some sort of mental health issue.
    We had a friend growing up who was bipolar and MAN he would give his Mom heck about taking his meds sometimes. Of course he never got away with causing harm to himself or anyone else, that is inexcusable imo.
    Obviously this kid needs help, whether it be due to ADD/ADHD or even just anger management, this kid needs help!
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    I wonder what medication this boy was supposed to take. He sure went off the deep end over it! Maybe it is a med to keep him from becoming violent. It must have been important for the mom to track him down when he refused to take it. I would have turned my child in too if he hit me in the head with anything. Some kids seem to be getting violent at such early ages and especially towards their parents. This mom is lucky that her son didn't murder her! Offering her money so she won't call the police....good grief. What is this world coming to? Scary scary.

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    Saw this story on the news last nite! Unbelievable! $5?!

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    Wow, all kinds of kids are going crazy lately. So sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gooniequeen View Post
    how does a story like that even get reported?

    My assumption is that the boy has ADD or ADHD since mom was trying to medicate him at the time of the assault.
    I think it's a good assumption since the boy was resisting his medication. I know that kids can start getting older and refuse to take the medication and if they're used to taking it and it starts wearing off it can cause even worse behavior to crop up. I've been through this very thing but didn't get hit. I wonder if the boy was placed in Juvie or is going to get more help without the mother having to pay a big fine for the assault charge. Offering her $5 shows the childlike thinking that's still going on with the boy. I feel sorry for both of them.

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    My guess is they'd have him in observation for 3 days at Circles of Care.

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    Sounds like mom has her hands full. An 11 yr old should know NOT to hit mom with a saw... and should have better means to express anger. The tree wasn't bad as long as he did not hurt himself. I'm sure there is more to the story.

    Where's dad? As a single parent myself, I always wonder... I'm blessed to have family and friends nearby and my son can be a handful at times. I hope this mom and son have some support. He obviously knows what he did was wrong or he would not have 'pleaded' with her to not tell for 5 dollars.

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