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    NC - AMBER ALERT: Chesney Anne Gaskin, 3, Sampson County, 14 Nov 2008

    There has been an amber alert issued for this precious little girl in Sampson County, NC - she was abducted by her mother from her grandparent's home (who had full custody) - it is believed there are weapons in the car. They think she may be headed to Alabama - here is the link from our local news:

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    Mother charged with abduction after girl found safe in S.C.

    Authorities have charged a Sampson County woman with abducting her 3-year-old daughter from her grandparents' care early Friday.

    The girl, Chesney Anne Gaskin, was the subject of an Amber Alert but was found safe in Aiken, S.C., in the early afternoon.


    Law enforcement caught that the cell phone's signal pinged off a tower in Aiken, about an hour south of Columbia, S.C., and more than 250 miles from Faison.

    Simpson's mother, who was also in the car, then called police and handed the phone to her daughter. Sampson County sheriff's deputies talked to Simpson and convinced her to tell them where she was.

    Aiken police officers found Chesney and Simpson at a McDonald's restaurant on York Street.

    Chesney was unharmed and will be turned over to North Carolina authorities, Aiken police said.


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