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    NE - parents rush to desert kids before law change

    Nebraska wrote a safe haven law and passed it. The new law didn't have an age limit on the ages that a child could be abandoned at. Now they are being inundated with kids, including teens and some of the kids are from out of state.


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    Instead of just changing the law, someone should look into the problem. Perhaps a system to deal with the aftermath of lousy parenting, mental illness or drug addicted kids (whatever is causing the parents to dump their kids.)
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    It seems that it took them by surprise that so many parents of older kids are wanting to abandon them.

    Some of the older kids parents have talked and they said they know their children need help, but that they don't have the funds to get help for them. And that they feel if the kids are in state custody, they will have to get help for them. Considering how many people don't have insurance in the US and how overcrowded mental health clinics are, I feel it is likely to be true in some cases.

    But even if it is as you say, what will be the cost of leaving them in their home. We have seen the results too many times on here.

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