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    Hacker Dshocker headed to prison

    Hacker Dshocker headed to prison

    ....The now-17-year-old hacker’s name was not disclosed due to laws governing the treatment of juvenile offenders. He is a resident of Worcester.

    Between 2005 and this year, Dshocker broke into multiple corporate computer systems and manipulated thousands of other computers in a so-called “botnet” (a network of infected computers). He then used that network of computers to launch cyberattacks on other computer servers and telephone systems, among other improprieties. His efforts even prompted SWAT teams and other public safety officials to respond to phony bomb threats.


    What a shame.....too smart for his own britches.

    Rather annoying too.....seeing as I'm still having trouble with computer basics.

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    I don't understand hackers. Why this need to destroy strangers' computers? I recently picked up a virus on my computer...it was annoying and took forever to get rid of it. Why would someone create something like that? Just to randomly annoy strangers?

    The bomb threats are similar, just more so -- on a grander scale. I just don't see the point.

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