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    NC - Baby "cockfight" filmed and encouraged by Ft. Bragg dad...

    A soldier at Ft. Bragg filmed and is heard encouraging what the mother calls a baby "cockfight". (the man is father to one of the toddlers). It is sickening!



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    I saw this on my news tonight. It made me want to vomit and cry at the same time. I feel sick just thinking about it again. I can't imagine what would possess a father to encourage his toddler to fight another toddler. All children, even more so toddlers, are so sweet and innocent. I have a 2 year old and she looks to us for guidance on EVERYTHING. It's so sweet how they do anything for your approval. This little boy is probably the same way. I just cannot get a grip on this.

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    Why does this father have custody in the first place?!
    If there are charges pressed, the state will get him first, then the Army...but no punishment is harsh enough for such idiocy, IMO.
    Put him in a jail cell with someone bigger than him and let them have at him, that might be a good start.
    This is just disgusting.
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    Deplorable. What's worse is that the emotional scars last a lifetime. This poor baby thinks he's done something wrong and why aren't his protectors helping him. I would guess one of the babies is not the father's, they look too close in age.
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    sickening, unfortunately unless there is a pattern of abuse he will probably get off very lightly, and since the services need people he wont get the boot.

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    that man ought to horsewhipped.. what the H*)) kind of parent does that? He needs more than parentng classes..that poor little boy was bleeding by the end and i am sure doesnt really understand why hes being hit or hurt.. so freaking wrong

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    I heard about this and it makes me want to cry. I want to cry when I see my child hurt and can't imagine egging on a fight that would hurt my child or anyone else's for that matter. I am sure he'll play the tough love bit and showing his son how to "toughen" up!
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    I can't stand to watch cockfighting with roosters - this is just unbelievable. I suppose this 'man' thinks he is toughen up his son and it is good for him to grow up knowing violence. The older boy obviously tries to break this up and he is picked up and moved. The poor boy in the green shirt who is trying to get away and is crying hysterically just breaks my heart. These boys would never act like this on their own. Violence like this is learned.

    I know in some Asian countries and middle eastern countries this is quite common. It is a little different as the kids are basically boxing but still - way, way too young to udnerstand and that point they are only doing it because their parents are telling them too. People come to watch and bet on who is going to win.
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    The older brother knew it was wrong and tried to stop it only to be lifted away. He will probably learn "Don't get involved" from that.

    The mom was told if it wasn't her kids she'd think it was funny. Well ,we don't even know these kids and none of us think it's funny one bit. The mom said she wouldn't think it's funny no matter whose kids they were.

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    Why doesn't the mom have custody and why after this is the child "with relatives"? Are both parents bad? Poor kids. I've said it before and I'll say it again - humans should NOT be able to reproduce without some sort of surgery or something. That would weed out some of the horrible parents and unwanted pregnancies.

    And I don't mean to step on feelings of those who are unable to have kids, I just wish there was a biological way to prevent people from just "casually" having children. Like if you had a "good parent gene" you COULD reproduce, but without that, no way.

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