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    Waiting for something to happen

    Sorry if this needs to be merged but I searched and could not find anything.
    But I was wondering if anyone had any idea if and when TES will resume their search.
    In spite of all the craziness between TM and LP Caylee needs to be finally found

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    I believe there are still some TES volunteers in Orlando searching.
    Caylee Anthony = Victim

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    I thought officially TES was done and no longer going to search? Other than the locals here that are members?
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    As I've understood it, Registered TES members are there, under the direction of TM and LE and are continuing the search.
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    last I heard LP was the only one searching.....and that was before the whole fiasco at the park
    It would be wonderful if in spite of the circus this has become that TM get back to this and put 110% effort for more than a few days...not knocking him or the wonderful work TES do, as I know it is not easy at all (after reading some accounts on here)

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