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    AZ - 7 Men May Face Kidnapping Charges-

    Seven men could face kidnapping charges after a police raid at a west Phoenix home freed a 16-year-old boy whose uncle is suspected of being extorted for nearly $100,000 in drug money, investigators said Wednesday.

    Robbery detectives said bandits kidnapped the teen knowing that his uncle, who helped alert police, was involved in illegal drug deals that generated large amounts of cash.

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    This seems to be a scary trend starting in our country. Immigrants targeting their own for kidnapping and pay-offs. Starting with those who are involved in illegal activity, because they know they most likely will not call LE. Then onto just regular folks who appear to have the means to pay.....So many immigrants, either here legally or not, fear LE.

    I'm curious how many of these same incidents have occurred within our borders in the past few years, successful for the kidnappers and the victim was returned unharmed and LE hasn't a clue a crime was committed.

    The only perfect crime is when a crime isn't detected at all.


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