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    GA - woman escaped kidnapper in Florida

    Missing woman escaped in Florida, returned to Georgia

    A kidnapped Lee County woman is safe after a frightening ordeal. 28-year-old Christy Lee Jackson was found in Florida Monday night. She'd been missing since last Tuesday.

    She had ligature marks on her hands from where she had been tied up. She told police she escaped her captors when she managed to free one of her hands and get out of the vehicle.


    Initial news.
    Christy was last heard from Wednesday afternoon, Nov 26 around 4pm. She was on the phone with a relative at her home when the phone went dead. Before the phone went dead, Christy had told her relative that there was a white man standing outside her home and that he may be driving a white Cadillac.


    It didn't seem like Christy knew the man/men. Thankfully she escaped. Hope there is some follow-up news as Laneeka Varnado went missing from Atlanta 2 nights before. Leesburg looks about mid-way between Atlanta & Florida.


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    Thank God she got away from him. I wonder where he was when she made her escape? She probably would have ended up dead if she hadn't gotten away. Now let's hope that they catch this creep.

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    We should watch this very closely, not only for links to Laneeka but to other missing women such as Jennifer Kesse and Tara Grinstead. Pretty brave that he walked right up to her house.


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    Cartel link eyed in Lee abduction

    According to two separate sources familiar with the investigation, Jackson’s abduction may have been ordered by officials linked to the Mexican Mafia — a powerful drug cartel with strong roots in Florida.

    According to the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the status of the investigation, talks are under way between state and local officials and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration on how to proceed with the case.


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    That's interesting. They have long suspected a Mexican Cartel in abductions in Texas. They said in an article a year ago (cannot find it but remember this well), that the ****s will kidnap a young woman and take her across the border as a gift to the boss. Where she is sexually exploited and then either executed or abused to death. I have yet to hear of them actually prosecuting anyone or of any names. I often wonder about some of our missing women and girls (the world's) being in the ground in Mexico. After all, they had some border agents in their pockets. They just fired a couple that had been recruited by a Mexican Cartel to become border agents. They got caught allowing drugs through.

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