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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    After Being Held/Tortured For A Year It's Up 2 Us 2 Show Kyle Not All People Are Bad

    Once again we have monsters in our society that prey upon innocent children.

    Kyle was held and tortured for more than a year by three adults. His story will break your heart. You can read all the details here.

    I was trying to come up with something Websleuths could do for Kyle to help him. To let him know the world is not filled with the type of people he has been exposed to. To let Kyle know people from all over the world care about him.

    Websleuths is unique in that we can bring people from all over the world together for a common cause.

    And what better cause than to help this young man with his life ahead of him.

    How many of you have felt alone only to find out people care for you. It is such a warm and wonderful feeling to know people do care.

    That's why we are starting a thread for Kyle. I want all our members to post their special message to Kyle. Let him know he is loved, Let him know the world is not the world he has lived in. Let him know his life can be wonderful. Let him know that he has touched the hearts and souls of millions of people. Let him know he is in our thoughts and prayers.


    I want this thread to be HUGE. If you are not a member and want to join so you can post on this thread click on the tab at the top that says "Register" and join. If you join and find out your email is "banned" please email and say you want to join to give Kyle a message and we will work it out.

    My friends, we could buy Kyle all kinds of fun things, we could send him to Disneyland and tell him have fun and good luck, but imagine a notebook filled with messages of love and encouragement from people all over the world. He could keep this forever and hopefully it will give him strength in the trying days he has ahead of him.

    In addition Websleuths will also give Kyle a nice gift to be announced later. Don't want to spoil the surprise for him.

    Here is the thread in which to post your messages to Kyle.

    There is to be NOTHING negative on this thread. We will delete it and give you a time out or ban you depending on the situation.

    If you could please carry this message about Kyle's thread to other places on the Internet I would appreciate it. Put it on MySpace, FaceBook, other forums (if allowed) email your friends, anything you can do to get the word out about Kyle's encouragement and love thread.

    You have a chance to make a difference in this young man's life. Yes, a difference. Your message to Kyle from your heart will make a difference. Please, do it now, do not put it off.

    This will make a wonderful Christmas present for Kyle. Please post. (put in link again)

    PS. I will get the book to Kyle through the proper authorities. I am working on getting the contacts now.

    Tricia Griffith
    6300 N. Sage Wood Drive
    Suite H # 214
    Park City UT

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