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    NJ - Deadly Secrets Series - The bloody trail of Robert Zarinsky

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    Thanks for the links, I stayed up WAY past my bed time reading.

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    NJ - Robert Zarinsky, Suspected NJ Serial Killer dies in prison....

    I've posted this elsewhere in related threads, but I think this topic deserves its own thread given that Zarinsky may have killed many many more woman than is known. The article on nj.com lists other women as his potential victims: Jane Durrua, Sharon Kennedy, Linda Balabanow, Rosemary Calandriello, Joanne Delardo, Doreen Carlucci... http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/topsto...edgerhand.html
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    Zarinsky was the first person in New Jersey ever to be convicted of murder without a body being found.

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    Like Richard Biegenwald, Zarinsky died in prison. NJ's answer to the Death Penalty.

    My Facebook page; I am grateful for the fact that two people who joined had colonoscopies, discovered cancer and are on the way to healing through treatment. Colonoscopies save lives! [A 3rd person has just been added. 8/7]


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    Zarinsky is most likely responsible for the murder of Mary Agnes Klinsky.


    Detectives in New Jersey have pinned a 50-year-old cold case on a suspected serial killer who died years ago.

    The New Jersey State Police and Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office announced Wednesday that evidence in the 1965 murder of 18-year-old Mary Agnes Klinsky has been linked to Robert Zarinsky of Linden.

    On Sept. 16, 1965, a Garden State Parkway road crew found Kinsky's naked body face down under a guardrail in an area now known as Exit 116. An autopsy determined she died of multiple skull fractures from significant blunt force trauma to her head. It was also determined that she was sexually assaulted before her death.

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    Suspected serial killer investigated in teen's cold case homicide


    Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey announced Thursday he is reopening the 47-year-old killing of Linda Balabanow, who was 17 when she disappeared on her way home from a store in Roselle and ended up in the Raritan River in Woodbridge.

    Convicted killer Robert Zarinsky has been the prime suspect in Balabanow's death since her body was found, a month after she disappeared in March 1969.

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