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    I am heartsick at the manner of "Bible Hugging" CA has been doing while on her promotional tour....I am glad they have God to help them thru this horrible time however, in talking about how much closer to God they have become from this experience I have not once seen evidence that they understand the basic principals of christianity....honesty, honoring one's father and mother, not lying, not murdering, acknowledging the truth, seeking redemption. As someone who believes in God I hope that in reality someone is administering to KC that honesty and redemption are her way to salvation. For the A family to perpetuate the lies and protecting KC they are turning their backs on the tenents of faith itself. I'm not much for discussing this sort of thing publicly but it really bothers me that the A's pick and choose what is "christian" behavior but I see no affectuation of it's practices publicly. I hope I do not offend anyone with this attitude because religion is such a hot button topic. JMHO.
    The bible should not be used as a prop, to create public approval or part of getting a new facade.

    If they are using the Bible sincerely that is a great thing.
    I know they are not reading in there that it is OK to lie, fabricate, deceive, embellish, miss direct.

    The "A" s in my opinion need God/the Bible but if they were using it sincerely it would not be a show.
    For now they are Full of Chit.
    When the case is over, I wonder where that bible will go....
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    Was just thinking about LE wiring TonE up- they knew he wasn't in contact w/ KC, but LA, so they must have been suspecting LA of duplicity from early on; why else wire up TonE before he met w/ Lee?
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