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    Thank you very much for sharing the information with us here at WS's, as a private Investigator I too have been on the end of witnessing many saddening outcomes such as this and it’s impossible to put your feelings into words with all the raw emotions that have built up over such a long period of time.

    There are many of these instances that will stay with you forever and this case is defiantly one of them , especially if you are highly involved such as Tim and yourself are every hour of every day, God bless you all.

    Texas Equisearch is truly our Hero’s and a Happy Birthday to Tim.

    Self-proclaimed Master of Ping Maps,

    Yours truly,
    Georgia PI

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    When Tim was coming back to search the 2nd time on NG he made a comment about having compassion for GA and CA. I felt the strength of his words and have thought of them often. He inspired me. Happy Birthday Tim and bless you!

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    In my own's nicer here.
    Amazing, just absolutely amazing! Humanity at it's finest! I'm honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of people here at WS. Friday, you're wonderful! Tim, you've been nominated for Sainthood I'm sure and I too considered finding Caylee a very special birthday present...mine is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Tim and may God bless and keep you always. You're a special man!

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    Thanks for posting that Friday! And thank you Tim, and TES for all you do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friday View Post
    Yes, I do, but this is a time for everyone to relax, sit back, and enjoy the knowledge that what you've worked for and prayed so hard for has come to fruition. Tim is ill and needs to go home to check into one of Houston's superb hospitals. However, for now, he is so relieved and gratified that he made the right decision to call off the search of that flooded area, that he's finally stopped beating himself up over the Blanchard Park Debacle for the first time since he shut down that search. We're hoping that his good spirits will help keep him well enough to keep going for a few more days.

    Thanks for your concern.
    Friday, I believe I speak for everyone when I say we'll just divert some of our fervent praying to benefit Tim now, as he surely needs our help. I will pray. I will light a candle for him, as well. God speed his recovery.
    Unless substantiated with a link, all comments are nothing more than my personal opinion. And opinions are like, well, noses; we all have one.

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    Happy Birthday Tim! Mines this Saturday I just wanted to say that you have a kind heart and soul. Even though I have never personally met you in person I can say I am a better person for have met and learned about your great cause. I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for caring enough for all the missing people out there and for doing what you do. God bless you
    "Please note - this is a message board, not a blog. Thank you"... Sincerely, Tricia Griffith and the Websleuths Family

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    Hey Friday. Thanks for the updates. I was disappointed with TES leaving without finding Caylee, but my expectations were too high, I had put Tim up on a pedestal so tall and high no man could have ever lived up to that. Shame on me for doing that. I just wanted her found so badly...anyway. Sometimes we have to "Let go & Let God" and that is what I finally convinced myself, and here we are today. So, thank you for all of your support to TES an organization that shouldn't have to exist but thank God it does. Happy Birthday and Good Health to Tim, he deserves both. God bless all the other searchers and last and never least, God bless all the WSers that never gave up hope.
    Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy jewelry and lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion, Every Day Is Special.

    In My Humble Opinion and I Reserve
    The Right To Change It As Often As Neccessary.

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    Thanks for the info. Thanks to Tim for being such a stellar individual. The world is a better place with him in it. We need more like him!

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    Friday~ thank you so much for sharing this insight with us!
    Happy Birthday Tim- it was wonderful to see you looking well tonight. Thank you for your compassion for missing people everwhere, you have been an inspiration to me and to thousands of others as well. Your tender mercy toward the grandparents is admirable.. I wish I could say the same about how I feel...which is compassionate but also a bit angry. God Bless your Endeavors.

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    Thank You Friday, and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Big huggz To all!!

    My Beautiful Precious , I miss you so much!

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    Thanks for the info. Friday, Tim Miller is a well respected man and much admired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friday View Post
    Yesterday, I “outed myself” on another thread here by explaining my connection to TES and Tim Miller, and also my personal commitment to the effort to find little Caylee. Here is the significant part of that post:

    I am a member of TES's Board; I'm TES's largest financial contributor; and Tim Miller is a dear friend. I am so committed to finding Caylee that this year I contributed enough to finance more than half the total cost of all our (TES's) searches for Caylee prior to November.

    However, my contributions were nothing compared to the WSleuths who donated money they could scarcely afford or who were waiting for their Social Security checks to arrive so they could donate again. God, I was totally humbled by this kind of generosity and willingness to sacrifice. I used to call Tim at night and read him some of those posts. He would get choked up (which I'd never heard happen prior to the Blanchard Park fiasco.)

    If you can believe that, then you'll be able to understand how horrible I felt when these same people felt they'd been swindled by TES and only Leonard had come through for them.

    I didn’t tell you in that message that Tim has kept up with many of the threads and posts here, including some that were understandably painful for him to read . You would be surprised at how impressed he’s always been with you here—with your dedication to separating fact from fiction, your willingness to commit your time and your considerable talents and to one united goal: Getting at the truth of what happened to Caylee. FWIW, I was with him in October at our Orlando hotel when another TES member handed him a printout of your map and cell phone pings. He wasn’t just impressed, he was also delighted. He showed it to LE and we used it!

    Early this morning, shortly before the media got wind of the possible discovery of Caylee’s body, Tim phoned me to tell me the news, along with the fact that (official’s name withheld by me) said they’re sure it’s Caylee. I replied that everyone at WS was going to be beyond excited when they finally heard all that. Tim replied, “Go ahead and tell them. They deserve to be the first to know.”

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t get on our darned website in time to break the news to you, or to confirm that no matter what LE says publicly, Tim said to tell you, don’t fret—it is Caylee.”

    I just spoke to him again this afternoon, and explained I couldn’t get on WS site in time to give you this morning’s news. He’s going to continue keeping me informed about anything he learns in Orlando so that I can post it here—exclusively for you.

    In the meantime, he said to tell you this: Months ago, TES did attempt to search the area where Caylee’s remains were found even though the area was mostly under water. In fact, he borrowed a special four wheel ATV offered to us by a helpful citizen, which was then driven through what appeared to be shallow water. And sank out of sight!

    As you know, the one risk that trained searchers cannot take is that of damaging or destroying the very evidence they’re trying to recover. Tim said that if the plastic bag found today had been trampled by one of our horses, or run over by the ATV, the bag would have ruptured and the contents exposed and scattered, possibly/probably never to be found. He’s relieved that he called of the search of that area when he did or today’s discovery might never have happened.

    He also said to remind you (half-jokingly) that he was right about at least one other thing: Caylee’s remains were not in the river at Blanchard Park. 

    Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the ATV that was ruined when it sank, we naturally had to pay the owner for it--$10,000.

    That’s all for now. Hopefully I will have other information to give you as the hours pass, and that I’ll be able to access our site when I do.

    Tim sends his gratitude along with this message, and a request that you take just a moment to say a prayer for George and Cindy.

    Hey, if he can forgive them, we certainly should be able to as well. (This comment is mine, not Tim’s.) I’m working on it, but my heart isn’t as open as his, I fear.
    Thank you so much for this "gift" today. I had figured you to be a reporter a few weeks back, but now I know who you really angel. Please let Tim know what an inspiration he is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friday View Post
    More answers from Tim for you:

    1) The garbage bag found today is black, not white.

    2) Casey’s actual reaction to the news of today’s discovery: Her face turned red, she crumpled to her knees, and said, “Oh God, this can’t be happening!”

    3) This morning when Nick called Tim to give him a head’s up, he said, “Tim, we’ve found our girl.” There’s such tenderness in the way he phrased that, I think.

    4) Today is Tim’s birthday, and I think this discovery is God’s birthday present to him and a gift to all of us. And as "icing on the cake" today near Houston, TES searchers recovered the bodies of a man and woman whose car was found in 12 feet of water. Now, on this Houston recovery, I'm a little uncertain of my details, because we had a horrible cell phone connection. But I'm sure about the other items above.

    Warm regards.
    Bolded by me...

    I agree, Friday. Wholeheartedly.

    “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybird View Post
    I love Tim Miller. I barely knew of him before Caylee went missing...and now he's one of the people I admire most in this world.

    I had NEVER heard of Tim prior to this case and I am right there with you, Jaybird! He is now, to me, one of this Earth's angels - Happy Birthday to You Tim - God Bless You!

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    Friday & Tim Miller,
    I had never heard of Websleuths until the Caylee Anthony case came along. I joined here and read posts, posted some responses and read some more. I learned alot from all the wonderful members here at WS. I first learned of Tim and Texas EquuSearch here and my heart told me to donate to his organization. I am glad I listened to my heart and I will continue listening to it and donate again to TES.
    Tim Miller is and will always be an angel to me. The compassion and loss in his eyes show right through to his soul. Tim is an angel here on earth with his own angel, Laura, watching over him. God knew that today was THE day that Caylee would come home and I can't help but believe it was also God sending the best of gifts to Tim Miller for his birthday.
    Tim my heart and my prayers go out to you friend. I pray that you get well soon. You are a hero of heroes! (((HUGS)))
    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!" MLK, Jr.

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    What a wonderful gift for Tim today!

    I have an idea for another beautiful gift for him from us here. If someone who is artistically inclined can PM me, we can see if we can make it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TURBOTHINK View Post
    Thanks Friday for this............I really appreciate it. I guess I owe Tim an apology and be assured I will make it about TES not searching that area well enough. I was one of the ones who felt it should have been searched better, but when I was there in November, a lot of it was underwater.

    We did drive in that area and even walked around some, but that was not an area we had mapped well, and when we asked we were been told it was searched before and was on the schedule for TES, so we never went into it to search. We knew about the find of the teenagers with the rope and the bucket and thought it a very viable area, but "thought" it had been searched when that was found.

    I am sorry we didn't map that area first, because we know children are usually buried within less than a mile of their homes. It just wasn't to be at that time. The timing now is the right time.

    I do believe this was divine intervention today and I thank God for his intervention.

    Tell Tim HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

    I also owe Tim Miller an apology, I sent two small donations, I'm on SS disability and after he left the second time I felt betrayed..Tim, I'm sorry I felt that way about you...May God bless you and I'm happy that they can give Caylee a proper buriel which she deserves...

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    I just want to say that this thread of posts is really very welcome to me as a reader. I am uncomfortable with a lot of the pejorative comments that appear on WS, although I understand why people feel so strongly about the Anthonys. I think it is entirely possible to acknowledge the reality of Caylee's case, and the evidence, without defaulting to insults. Tim's compassionate nature is very evident, and all the posts on this thread, so far, have reflected his fine example.

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    Please give Tim a hug from me and tell him "thank you."

    God bless that man.

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    I think it was great instinct on Tim's part to shut that search down when he did- he's a pro.

    Thanks to all of TES- the volunteers are amazing people. I remember when they came here to find Brandi...and find her, they did- though, it was a sad ending.

    Really amazing people, the lot of you.

    Cheers, and thanks for the update.
    My two best friends.

    "A true artist will always be open minded because that's their responsibility." - Lee Quinones

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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
    Wow. What an emotional day.

    My Friends,

    Friday is a wonderful and incredible human being. I am so glad she "outed" herself.

    When Friday speaks, you must listen and know she speaks to truth.

    Friday, we are honored that you chose Websleuths. Thank you so very very much.

    Happy Birthday Tim. As was said earlier, you need to take care of yourself and think of yourself. You have given of yourself so much and so often I worry that you may have forgotten to stop and make sure YOU are OK.

    Thanks to everyone for keeping us updated today. We are like a family aren't we? A bit dysfunctional but a family none the less.

    Good Night,


    ************************************************** **************************************

    Tricia Griffith
    6300 N. Sage Wood Drive
    Suite H # 214
    Park City UT

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    Like Friday I couldn't get on here find out more news.

    Tim Miller is a wonderful, kind caring man. He gives his life to help others. I am sure it will be his best birthday present ever. I donated money to TES & am glad I did & will do it again.

    We all wanted to see our little angel Caylee found. To let her rest in peace / not thrown away like garbage.

    Tim Miller thank you, you have my admiration & respect always. Happy Birthday.....

    Friday thank you also for all you do.

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    Happy Birthday Tim,

    Just want to let you know that I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for you and your organization. I also want to tell you that I, along with many others here at WS, never for a moment doubted your judgement, methods or your sincerity in TES's search for Caylee. Many thanks to you and your volunteers for selflessly doing what you do.........You truly are one of the "Good Guys"!!!

    I hope your feeling better and here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year

    God Bless

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    Thank you so much Friday.

    Tim has fans all around the world. I am in Australia and I often wish to God that we had TM and a TES chapter here. There is a case about a little boy called Daniel Morcombe who disappeared some years ago not far from where I live and his case weighs heavily on my mind. I have often thought "If we had TES or something like it, I'm sure Daniel would be found".

    Big hugs and a HUGE thank you to Friday, Tim and all my WS friends.


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    Thank you so much for being here and passing on Tims message. He is an incredible person. For him to go to Orlando so soon after being in the hospital shows his strength, determination, compassion and devotion to those that are lost and must be found. He has a forgiving heart and I will also keep George, Cindy and Lee in my prayers.
    Happy Birthday Tim and please take care of yourself.

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