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    Anyone Else Having Trouble Accessing WS?

    The last few days it has been very difficult for me to get on WS. It moves really, really slow and a lot of the time I get messages saying the server is too busy. This is the first time this morning I have been able to get on. A lot of the time it moves really, really slow and then says 'done' but the page is blank.....

    I am having WS withdrawl!
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    It's been the same for me.

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    With around a thousand people - or more (members and guests) trying to access the site, yes... it is moving sluggishly and server does time out quite a bit. Unfortunately, as long as we have big cases such as Caylee WS will continue to get bogged down at times.

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    Yes. It sure is frustrating. For those who are new via the CA case, the server was upgraded just prior to this case breaking... and we need a new one again.

    Tricia posted, somewhere in the CA forum an upgraded server is in the works.

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    same here. I can't even get to the prayer thread. I"m going nuts.......


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