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    I Think There Are Many Secrets In This Family.

    Not one person seems to want to say who Caylee's father is. That really bothers me. I'm not buying the one that the father is dead. Why wouldn't the family tell who Caylee's REAL father is unles it is a sick secret!

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    It's possible / likely no-one but KC really knows the truth about who Caylee's father is. Maybe she couldn't tell her family who the father really is in order to protect them...

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    Even if LE knows who the father is...and they have positively excluded him from the murder...there's no reason to release his name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coltsgal View Post
    Even if LE knows who the father is...and they have positively excluded him from the murder...there's no reason to release his name.
    In light of Casey's situation, would the ME be obligated to release Caylee's remains to her father if that person is known?

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    What I don't get about the father is more about CA and GA. They told investigators that they had paperwork from their lawyer giving them custody of Caylee in the event that something happened to Casey. They said that the papers were at home and they would get them. Then the next thing that we hear is that the investigators went to the lawyer and he never drew up any such papers. (I guess the As couldn't be bothered to actually bring in their paperwork)

    Why would you lie about something like that to investigators? Did they not know that LE could ask for the paperwork from the lawyer or even subpeona the As to hand it over.

    I just don't get these people. If you are going to lie, at least lie about something that they can't get proof of without jumping through a million hoops.
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    lots of threads on this topic. please search and bump.

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