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Thread: Timeline of Events for May 14th - 31st

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    Timeline of Events for May 14th - 31st

    Please limit all posts to only information regarding events from May.

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    new docs, part , pg 46 5/14 kc, ric,troy,and amy go to voyage nightclub, kc drives. after dropping everyone off she has two flat tires. ric changes one but his spare wont fit her car, she tries to leave with the flat they describe sparks flying she pulls over in a subdivision and leaves her car, Ric takes kc home.
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    new docs, part 11, pg 2 and 46 5/24 kc sends herself fake email about coming into work for a special event, email states to show up at 7:30pm. 1st kc, amy, and troy go to buffalo wild wings in waterford. 2nd they leave buffalo's and go to a party at the villages on science dr. kc and tone meet for the first time and play beer pong. kc drives.

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    new docs, part 11, pgs 46 and 47 5/25 kc, troy and amy go to anything but clothes party. kc sees brandon s, miscarriage story, reportedly very upset. kc wears american flag troy wears plastic wrap sean d in plastic american flag triangles/ pix substantiate this. party was held at iassens house also known as "lake vag".
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    new docs, part, 10, pg 33 kc's fake work calendar( key dates ) that we can document she was out somewhere vs what schedule she had told her parents she was working.
    5/14 9am to 7pm- flat tires after being at voyage nightclub
    5/24 and 5/25 9am to 9pm buffalos and party at villages on the 24th / anything but clothes party on the 25th
    5/31 9am-9pm arden villas pool party,movies at waterford and estelle g's.
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    interview with le and ca on 8/1/08 part either 1 or 2/ 5/30 ca states that she spent the night in mt. dora because her dad wasnt doing well.

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    interview with le and ca on 8/01, 5/31 le tells ca that ric stated that kc and caylee spent the night at his house and in the middle of the night kc supposedly got a call from ca to bring caylee home. ric stated that he did not wake up, but that kc told him this the next morning. ca denies this occurred.

    new docs, part 4, pg 9 5/31 kc and tone 1st go to pool party at arden villas,2nd to a movie at waterford between 5-7 because the weather got bad, and 3rd back to party or estelle g's. (conflicting statements wonder if estelle lives in arden villas ?)
    per tone, during party kc leaves for 45 min to an hour, when she comes back jesse is with her, and tone meets him. kc drove, tone's jeep is in the shop.

    weather for orlando 5/31 between 3:55pm and 11:55pm temperature ranged from a low of 77 degrees to a high of 82.4 degrees.
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    new docs, part, pg 32 5/29 and 5/30 per ric kc and caylee spent both nights at his apt. le interview with ca on 8/1 le tells ca that ric stated on 5/31 that kc and caylee spent the night again ( this is the night they both start out with ric, and by morning caylee is gone kc still there )

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    interview with le and ca on 8/1, 5/26 memorial day, bbq before ga has to go to work. kc and caylee there, la invited, but didnt come. (possible, but wasnt ga working 3-11 ?)

    new docs part 4, pg 29, ga was working sunday-thursday 3pm until 11pm.
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    Here is a link to a page I found full of May timelines. Hope it's ok to post it here...if not Sorry!!!

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