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    SC - Conway, 'Baby Boy Horry', Newborn found dead by Hwy 544, Dec'08

    I'm not sure if this should be posted here or in the unidentified thread. Please feel free to move if need be.

    Funeral Set For Infant Abandoned On S.C. Highway

    Thursday, December 18, 2008
    CONWAY, S.C. -- A funeral is set for a newborn baby found dead by a highway near Myrtle Beach earlier this month. The Myrtle Beach Sun News reports that the funeral for the infant, called Baby Boy Horry, will be held Thursday in Conway. The child's body was found in a bag thrown in a ditch by the side of South Carolina Route 544 in Horry County. Authorities say they don't know who the parents are. There were no signs of injury and autopsy results are not expected until next year. Police say the infant was found Dec. 4 inside a white and blue Bath and Body Works bag sold exclusively during a promotion last summer. An anonymous source has offered a reward for information on the infant. Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

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    So Cal Redlands, CA to be exact. We call it Inland Empire!
    Rest in peace baby boy Horry. You will forever be in my heart and the hearts of many. God will take wonderful care of you and you will be forever happy.
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    omg another little innocent thrown away ... rip little angel

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    Rest peacefully, baby boy, in the arm's of the lord and in a world filled with only love!

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    I live about 10 minutes from where the baby was found. The area of Hwy. 544 that the baby was found is very near CCU so local talk is that the "mother" may be a college student. Also, the bag the baby was found in is a limited addition bath and body works bag sold only this past Aug. There has been a reward offered by an anonymous source but as of today, nobody knows anything.

    What pisses me off the most is that this area is also very near the Conway medical center (local hospital- about 10 minute walk from the university). Why did the "mother" toss the baby in the woods to die rather than dropping him off at the hospital? I hate people!

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    RIP Baby Boy. You are in the arms of someone who loves you now.
    Happy New Years

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    Question SC - Conway - Baby Boy Horry, Dec 2008


    DNA samples may offer "substantial" lead

    Horry County Police released a composite sketch of the infant
    Hide Caption By Graeme Moore
    Monday, December 15, 2008 at 10:52 p.m.

    Lt. Jamie DeBari has spent the last ten days consumed by the investigation into a newborn found dead near Conway. He's leading the investigation into what happened to Baby Boy Doe who was found in a bag off Meadowbrook Drive.

    On Monday, DeBari sat down with NewsChannel 15, although he was reluctant to answer a lot of questions surrounding the investigation.

    "They're going to hurt the investigation if I give that information," DeBari explained.

    He said there are no suspects at this time, although they continue to look into a few leads they received last week. But DeBari said the biggest lead may be to come, in the form of some pending DNA tests. He hopes they provide a substantial lead.

    When asked where those DNA samples had come from, DeBari offered no further comment "because we're still following up with leads."

    DeBari also added that he doesn't think the child was delivered in a hospital. That means the mother most likely has medical complications including prolonged bleeding, dizzy spells, emotional distress and crying for no reason.

    Also on Tuesday, HCPD released a composite sketch of the white infant done by sketch artists with SLED. People living in the neighborhood where the baby was found reacted to the latest release.

    "Before it was just a bunch of police cars and lights up there, and then everything was gone. Then the memorial showed up, but it was still rather impersonal. A picture brings it home," said Jim LaTour who lives on Meadowbrook Drive.

    LaTour and his wife say the case is still on the minds of many and said everyday people stop by the memorial in the woods where the infant was discovered.

    "When we came home (earlier), there was a couple getting out of the car, to put a Christmas decoration there."

    They say the case has brought plenty of attention from police, the public, and from news reporters, but they don't mind.

    "It may help the police and investigators get to the bottom of this, and it needs to be gotten to the bottom."

    A funeral is expected for the newborn sometime this week.

    If you have any information on the case, police urge you to call the tip line at 843-915-TIPS (8477). You can remain anonymous.
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    Baby Boy Horry - Conway, SC

    Baby Boy Horry to be laid to rest Thursday

    Posted: Dec 15, 2008 02:02 PM EST

    Updated: Dec 16, 2008 06:26 PM EST

    CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - In a press conference Tuesday, the baby boy found in a ditch in Conway has been named and will be buried on Thursday.

    Horry County Coroner Robert Edge said at the press conference the boy has been named Baby Boy Horry. The funeral will be at 4 p.m. Thursday at the Hillcrest Cemetery in Conway, and is open to the public.

    Donations can be made at the Horry County Treasurer's Office, the Horry County Coroner's Office, or the following Horry County State Bank locations:

    1627-A Church Street, Conway
    1300 Second Avenue, Conway
    3187 Highway 9 East, Little River
    3210 Highway 701 North Bypass, Loris
    273 Carolina Forest Boulevard, Carolina Forest
    1705 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach
    596 Highway 17 North, North Myrtle Beach
    3201 Highway 701 North, Conway
    5264 Highway 9, Green Sea
    5009 Broad Street, Loris
    4011 Meeting Street, Loris
    4600 Highway 17 Bypass South, Myrtle Beach
    4400 HIghway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach
    Watch the press conference in its entirety

    Police released a composite sketch of Baby Boy Horry on Monday in hopes that someone would recognize some of the baby's features and might be able to point to his birth parents.

    Baby Boy Horry was found by utility workers around 4:15 p.m. Dec. 4 off of Highway 544 on Meadowbrook Drive. The baby's body was found near a street and wooded area by a subcontractor working for Horry County Electric.

    Last Friday, authorities released new clues into the case. According to Horry County Police Sgt. Robert Kegler, investigators received information on the bag in which the baby boy's body was wrapped. Kegler describes the bag as a white canvas bag with a baby blue bottom and straps.

    The bag, he says, is from Bath & Body Works and is "significant" because it is a limited edition bag sold only in the month of August 2008.

    Police are continuing to investigate the discovery and say they have no suspects at the moment.

    On Wednesday, the Horry County Police announced a reward was being offered for any leads to the person who is connected to the case.

    Officials with the Horry County Police Department say they are actively seeking public assistance for leads in this case. They have not released how much will be rewarded for naming a suspect in the case, but say the amount is "substantial."

    Based on autopsy results, investigators say the time ranges from hours to several days between the time of birth and delivery of the baby and when it was placed at the site where it was found by utility workers on Thursday.

    "There was no physical trauma to the baby, no outward signs or no physical abuse," Horry County Deputy Coroner Chris Burroughs explained, eliminating one possible cause of death. However, further narrowing down of the cause of death has not been easy.

    "It's hard to tell if the child died of hypothermia or if the child was deceased when it was placed there," he said.

    Investigators have been in close touch with medical personnel, and have released these post-pregnancy signs that residents should look out for:

    Change in habits and mental stability (Sleep pattern changes, excessive crying)
    Extended menstrual cycle lasting two weeks or longer
    A smaller stomach
    Narrower hips
    Anyone with any information that may lead to the child's birth parents are urged to call the Horry County Police Department at (843) 915-TIPS. Callers can remain anonymous.

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    Baby Boy Horry's listing at FindAGrave

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    Baby Boy Horry laid to rest


    Baby Boy Horry laid to rest

    Evidence in case of newborn found dead
    ADVERTISEMENT The public and Horry County staff attend a funeral service for Baby Boy Horry, Thursday.
    Photo: 1 of 4Hide Caption See Larger Images By Mola Lenghi
    Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 6:15 p.m.

    The newborn baby boy found abandoned and dead in a wooded area near Highway 544 two weeks ago, was laid to rest late Thursday afternoon.
    While the baby's life ended far too soon, the police investigation goes on.
    About 100 people attended Thursday's public service - given by Horry County for the newborn who has come to be known as "Baby Boy Horry."
    Horry County Coroner Robert Edge phrased it this way during the service, "Baby Boy Horry is now the son of Horry County."
    It was an emotional afternoon, with very few dry eyes. While the people who attended didn't know him, the child touched everyone.
    "The citizens in the community really surprised me, really pulled together. This touched home. It touched everybody's lives. It's a baby, and everybody loves kids," said Kayla Johnson of Conway, who attended the service.
    Horry County is accepting donations to cover the costs of the funeral service. You can donate at all Horry County State Banks, the coroners office, and at the Horry County Government and Justice Center in Conway.
    As far as the Horry County police investigation goes, Sergeant Robert Kegler with the Horry County Police Department said they are still following any and every lead.
    Also, he stressed that he doesn't want the public to put "Baby Boy Horry" out of mind, now that the funeral is over.
    Police still need the public's help with any information anyone might have.
    The sketch of the baby, and a picture of the bag the baby was found in, are attached to this story.
    The baby was found dead near Meadowbrook Drive in Conway on December 4th.
    He was in a Bath and Body Works canvas tote bag.

    Police are hoping someone will call their tip line at (843) 915 - TIPS.
    You can remain anonymous. Police said a substantial reward is being offered.

    This was a beautiful service. Started with prayer and ended with songs as well as prayer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debbie Miller View Post
    Ok, found your post in "up to the minute"

    Just want his story to get out there in hopes for an identity.
    Me too. I couldn't believe someone could do that to their baby. It is terribly sad. I hope they can find whoever left him on the side of the road. Babies are not trash.
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    No they aren't trash. I am wondering what the circumstances were for this mother. How could she possibly hide her pregnancy from everyone? I have heard of some women can be pregnant and not even show, but I have personally never known anyone when pregnant that could make this claim.

    This brings me to wonder if the mother could have been obiese enough for noone to detect it. I have personally seen this, with someone I once worked with.

    Maybe she was a loner, and had no friends much less no one she could talk to.

    Was she that afraid of her parents that she never told them?

    I am wondering how old she is because she didn't use the resources that are out there for unwanted babies. Did she know about them?

    I just hope she comes forward because he deserves his identity.

    I attended his funeral and I have to say Baby Boy Horry is one loved little boy .

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    Thank you both Debbie and Dancing for bringing this baby's story to WS. Poor little tyke - he never had a chance.

    May the angels keep him in their wings, safe and loved, forevermore.


    Debbie - thank you for attending his services. I am glad the community is reaching out to him and I am sure he feels all that love he so rightly deserved.

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    This makes me so sad.......I have a little baby too but I would have gladly taken this little guy in..fed him, loved him, kept him warm. I just do not understand all this when there are many safe havens to drop off a newborn.
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    Still no word

    This precious little boy still hasn't been identified. I don't understand how someone can live with this on their conscious.

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