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    Bones Found CONFIRMED To Be That Of Caylee Antohony:

    News conference going on right now. Dr. G, the medical examiner in Orange County, just confirmed that the bones found are those of Caylee.

    Her identification was made through nuclear DNA; and the family was notified prior to the news conference. Bones were completly skeletonized.

    The manner of death has been ruled: HOMICIDE BY UNDETERMINED MEANS.

    Will the state dismiss and re-file capital murder charges against Casey?

    Spelled Anthony wrong....sorry!
    Don't confront me with my failures.....I had not forgotten them.

    Jackson Browne

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    Dr. G says no trauma to the bones. Undetermined cause of death - but it is homicide they are waiting for toxicology results and other results.

    They keep saying her bones are tiny and it is like stabs at my heart.

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    Can't talk about evidence.

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